Thursday, December 04, 2008


This is what I see every morning as the sun rises behind the white pines, framed in the window at the foot of our bed.

I’ve been working hard on the low stone wall that will enclose the big garden directly in front of the house. The ground had actually frozen last week but thawed with moderating temperatures after the weekend, allowing me to put the foundation in below ground level. I certainly won’t finish it or even come close before serious winter sets in, but the more I can get done the better.

I discovered that despite several nights in the low 20s, one little petunia has somehow managed to survive and put out new growth in one of the two planting urns in front of the house.


A little surrealism this fall on the Cape:

Mystery Piano Found Deep In Cape Cod Woods
Piano Found In Perfect Working Condition

HARWICH, Mass. -- No one has come forward to explain a musical mystery discovered deep in the woods on Cape Cod. A woman walking in the Bells Neck Woods on Saturday afternoon came upon a piano in perfect working condition.

The Baldwin piano, which had a matching bench, was set up as if someone was about to sit down and play, reported WCVB-TV in Boston. Despite efforts by police to locate its owner, or at least explain how it came to be in a conservation area, police Monday said no one has contacted them.

No more musical instruments have been found, police told the Cape Cod Times. "No flutes, no clarinets. We haven't got a band yet."

The piano is so heavy that it took more than a half-dozen men to load it onto a truck.
Because the piano had not been damaged, it could not have been pushed out of a vehicle, police said. Someone took great care to place it in the conservation area in superb condition. Police have no idea how long it had been in the woods.

That petunia is a tough as her daddies are....she'll winter over well.
the piano is up to no good and should not be touched.
The weather is getting cold. Winter is on its way.

Piano in the woods? Crazy!
The strange part of the Piano story is when the deaf woman in 18th century clothing went up to it and started playing New Age compositions on it, with Harvey Keitel walking naked in the background.
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