Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The long nightmare is finally over!

It's happened! We can now rebuild the shattered moral and financial core of this wonderful country, and perhaps its crumbling infrastructure as well. We won't have to cringe when our president opens his mouth in public, or watch in embarrassment as he debases our reputation before the rest of the world. Digging our way out of the various messes that have been thrust upon us won't be easy, but at least now we can see our way toward the light of reason.

And the Great Work Begins....
I'm thrilled with the Obama victory. Still, the election was bittersweet, with the passage of the anti-gay marriage amendments in Florida, Arizona, and especially California.
Giant kisses and hugs to you guys on this once-in-a-lifetime dayof celebration! Amazing, thesetimes.
I'm surprised that your blog hasn't gotten a lot more political in the last few months, but all things considered, probably better that way - I liked that you just kept chugging along with all your amazing tales and pictures, week after week. Please keep it coming :-)

But let's in fact get political for a minute. I'm totally with Doug. Last night's tremendous victory was completely spoiled for me by the passage of prop 8 in CA. I was watching tv and seeing people celebrating all over the world, I was moved to tears myself, but yet I felt I wasn't really part of it. This is a major setback for LGBT civil rights. No major politician came to our rescue, least of all Obama. He said (on MTV of all places) that the measure was 'unecessary' - gee, thanks. Let's not forget he does oppose gay marriage (to be fair, he wants to achieve strict equality through civil unions, but we know how well 'separate but equal' really works).

Sorry, I'm rambling. But I do wish I was able to fully enjoy and appreciate Obama's victory without the awful screeching sound of constitutionalized discrimination in the background. I can't.

- ScoobyG
I am feeling a lot of the same things. I am enormously relieved that America did not go for a triple dip of stupid, but some of the hateful legislation that was passed on Tuesday really just disgusts me.

I keep reminding myself how far we've come and then things like Prop. 8 happen.
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