Sunday, November 02, 2008


Got Shed?

Last Tuesday morning our shed arrived from the Reeds Ferry Company and three well organize and energetic young men began to unload. We met the crew chief, who was cute as a button and given to throwing his arm around the client’s shoulder while explaining things (the client certainly didn’t object), and confirmed all details.

The first thing they did was to comment on how good the base was that we’d built (bright white patch, center). We’d only been following company instructions on what the base was to be--a square of pressure treated 2x6 one foot bigger on all sides than the shed, leveled, and filled with gravel--but they said we wouldn’t believe some of the messes they’d been given to work with.

Despite light rain, they got the partially pre-fabbed 10x10 building up and finished in just under two hours, including a thorough clean-up and all paper work. We now have a shed sheathed in cedar to match the house with the same roof shingles in style and color. The one thing I want to change will be to paint the blank white doors. Reeds Ferry sheds don’t come with matching wooden doors but metal ones for durability and I want either a natural wood color or to match the color of the shutters—but not the white.

Finishing the interior for our needs is my current project. The big Ariens snow blower is housed there, under a loft to store summer outdoor furniture and our wheelbarrow during the winter. There’s lots of shelving for gardening supplies and equipment for potting and starting seeds. Bulky items like buckets, bales of peat moss, and coiled garden hoses will be stored under the work counters.


It was 53% to 39% for Obama in New Hampshire, and ALL elections in the state show Democrats leading, sometimes by as much as 25%. One third of registered voters in NH are new registrants who are predominantly Democrats. Formerly a conservative Republican stronghold, New Hampshire is expected to be a reliably “blue” state in five years.


And this from Massachusetts:

1913 Law Petition Fails
By Ethan Jacobs | Oct 30
The effort by the anti-gay group MassResistance to reinstate the 1913 law [that was used to keep out-of-state gays and lesbians from marrying in Massachusetts] has failed. The group had spent the past two months collecting signatures to place a referendum on the 2010 ballot to reinstate the law, which the legislature and Gov. Deval Patrick repealed in July, but by the Oct. 29 deadline for gathering signatures MassResistance had only managed to collect one-third of the total needed.

The disreputable 1913 law was originally drafted to prevent interracial marriage in Massachusetts. Seizing on it to try to block gay marriage did former governor Mitt Romney no good at all.


Leaving Lyon also meant leaving the Rhône with its commercial traffic. Because of high water levels and low bridges, our boat had to take on water in its ballast tanks to sit as low in the river as possible. Normally, the water level outside our cabin would have been six inches below the bottom of the window. Reballasted and underway, we saw these lovely water arabesques swirling all over the glass.

Entering the Saône River at the foot of the Lyon peninsula meant a new riverscape with country estates, farms, vineyards, and cow pastures coming right down to the water’s edge. The cows are a Burgundian breed known for extremely flavorful, lean beef.

As we moved north into the heart of ancient Gaul, the trees began to be filled with round clusters of mistletoe which was sacred to the Druids.

We docked at our northernmost port, Chalons-sur-Saône, a lovely town from which we went on two excursions into the countryside. THE FIRST was to the town of Beaune, site of the extravagantly ornamented Hotel Dieu.

In French, many large buildings have the designation Hotel while having nothing to do with our meaning of the word. A Hotel Dieu was a hospital for the poor and disadvantaged, this one having been financed by a local Count and Countess specifically to help guarantee the salvation of their souls.

It's a huge building at the heart of which is the main ward, a long room lined on both sides by these rows of built-in beds. They all faced a chapel at the end of the room in which masses were said that they could all see and hear (religious services being considered more curative than medication in the medieval period).

It all looks very neat and comfortable until you learn that patients slept here three to a bed, with others for whom there was no room sleeping on the floor. This kind of crowding led to serious epidemics.

The Burgundian countryside is very beautiful and filled lovely old country houses, villages and quite a few chateaus, like this one that has its own miniature church, seen on the left.

Wow, those beds are some kind of red! And the young vivacious workers putting up the shed....damn, I seem to miss out on all of the opportunities. (Except today at the gym, that is!)
Lovely photos buddy and I love the shed, just the type I am after too :-)
That is a great shed.
My green thumb aches to get my own.

I hope you had a lot of wine when you were in France.
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