Friday, October 10, 2008

Our luck with weather and connections held for out flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam this morning. Finn and Else drove us down to the Kastrup airport area last night where I had booked us into the Zleep Hotel, which we have used before. Zleep is a pretty bare bones place, but comfortable and cheap. We stay there when we have early morning planes to catch rather than rout them out of bed at 4am to get ready and make the hour trip south to the Copenhagen area.

Once we checked in we took them out to a really nice dinner in thanks for their four days of hospitality. We all had roast venison and a nice bottle of Cotes de Ventoux red wine. Our waiter, a Dane who had spent a lot of time in the US as a helicopter pilot, had a wry and very ready sense of humor. Dinner was a real treat.

We're in Amsterdam with Fritz's neice and her family until Monday morning when we take the big flight home.

You know what's quite odd is that we were actually supposed to be flying to Amsterdam on vacation TODAY. We would have been there at the very same time! But, alas, plans changed....and you're there by yourselves....behave now, will you please. And say hi to the Hotel Krasnapolsky right in Dam Square...that's where we stayed last time we were there.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and safe flight home on Monday :-)
Sad that you guys couldn't fit London in to your itinerary this time around...
Gee, that would have been wonderful. Well, we WILL connect again!

Thanks--it has been a lovely day, featuring a tour through the canals on Fritz's neice's and nephew-in-law's boat. Great fun.

Yes, that would have been nice. Our last vacation stop in the UK was a one week drive around Wales that was truly delightful.

Now, do I remember correctly that you sometimes take trips over here?
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