Thursday, October 02, 2008

At long last, greetings from Lyons at the junction of the rivers Rhone and Saone. I'm dealing with my third version of a non-US keyboard which those of you who travel a lot know can be quite an adventure. Any unexplained qs in my words are surely meant to be as.

We had an uncommonly comfortable trip over. The French Airbus jets have a great dea more legroom and slightly wider seats than in qny other coach I've flown. The NoJetLa worked like a charm--we were in very good shape for our day and a half in Marseille. While there we stayed in the Old Harbor and Old City areas and had a very nice time (many pictures to be posted on my return).

We took the TVG (bullet) train to Avignon (34 minutes vs. two hours) where we boarded our ship; in Avignon our hotel for one night was in a 17th century monastery that had been converted very chicly into lovely accomodations. Our room was in a round tower.

After Avignon, we sailed south to Arles (charming town with a major Roman arena in very good condition) and St. Remy (van Gogh's hospital and other sites he painted), then back north through another stop in Avignon, then small towns along the Rhone (museums, wine and chocolate tastings, castles, several more spectacularly complete Roman sites) until just an hour ago when we docked here in the beautiful city of Lyon.

I'll post again when I can--internet via satelite on the ship is adequate for email but not for blogging.

Enjoy Lyon. The food is marvellous...
Sounds like your having a really lovely time buddy. Cant wait to hear more when your back. Enjoy and have a safe journey home :-)
Wow, sounds like a great trip. Enjoy! I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing some pictures.
that all sounds lovely, especially the notion of being in a monastery - feel any vibes or see any ghots there?
Sounds like a splendid trip. I'm reminded of the Sur le pont/d"Avignon song that I learned in grade school French. I hope the rest of the trip is enjoyable.
We've been anxious to get back to France, and the south of France is high on the list, although we may pop over to Lyon, too.

I'd love to see photos and hear more about your trip!
Fritz was wondering about ghosts in the monastery also, but no handsome monks materialized in our room during the night. :-(

Yes, there will be LOTS of pictures. I will probably devote a post to each of the towns we've visited.
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