Sunday, October 12, 2008

Amsterdam on a Sunday morning + Fritz and me + his neice and nephew-in-law and their two children in their boat touring the canals = absolute delight. Particularly when you throw in docking at a canal-side cafe for coffee or pulling over at an embankment briefly to run in for some lighter than air Dutch croissants.

This is our last day and it's more than a little bittersweet. It's been a very good trip, with extraordinary weather, great places to visit, and entire populations that can't wait to see the end of Bush and his gang's inept, calamatous administration.

We've followed it all via BBC and CNN on televisions in three countries, so we have a good sense of what's been going on. On the other hand, it's been something of a relief NOT to have been in the US for the last two and a half weeks. As I mentioned earlier, we were both suffering from campaign exhaustion and needed a break.

I remember sometime around last January a political analyst saying that if there were a national security crisis just before the election, it would help McCain; but if there were to be an economic downturn, then Obama would get a big bump. Heaven knows I don't relish what's happening now on the financial and credit markets, and particularly the hurt that's been dealt to many hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who depend on their small investments to get by (I am not moved, however, by CEOs forced to sell private jets or put mega-million dollar homes on the market). But it it guarantees flushing Bozo and his so-far unindicted co-conspirators out of the nation's capital, then at least it will have had some tangible benefit.

there is always the fear factors to push; they tend to work.
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