Friday, September 12, 2008


I’ve been checking out the Sarah Palin interview, because most thinking people say she did fine at the convention with a hoard of speech writers and a teleprompter for support, but that the real test would come when she was on her own.

She folded like a cheap card table.

The interview was conducted by Charlie Gibson. I thought he did a very good job. He wouldn’t let her get away without actually answering the questions, was himself always calm and focused, and was sometimes relentless in pursuit of a straight answer, which wasn't always easy to get.

She’s ignorant as swans.

She had no idea what The Bush Doctrine on Iraq was, although it was a specific foreign policy landmark delivered in public on a specific date about a country with which we are at war. She got all deer-in-the-headlights and stammered, “In relation to what?” After some helpful coaching from Gibson failed utterly to ignite a spark of recognition, she drifted into irrelevant sycophantic praise of Bush’s “life teachings.” Oh, she’s another one who pronounces the word “nucular.”

Dumb as a post.

She declared that lots of vice-presidents had never met any foreign leaders before taking office, a lie that several news shows have neatly blown out of the water. But according to her, she is truly qualified to deal with a newly bellicose Russia because you can "see Russia from land in Alaska." In other words, because a god-forsaken piece of rock far of the west coast of Alaska can see a god-forsaken rock at the outer limits of Russia's far eastern islands, she'll be able to handle Vladimir Putin in an international crisis just fine.

When challenged on this and how it would help her deal with the situation in Georgia and Ossetia, she said that she only mentioned the fact to show how small the world is.

What does this mean about China, India, the Islamic world, the United Kingdom, Germany, South America, Africa-- none of which is visible from Alaska?

When asked about national security, she said she’d be fine because she has an energy policy, energy being so important to defense. True enough, but there’s a massive amount more involved, with no hint from Palin that she knows any of it exists. When challenged on this or any other question she immediately changed the subject and began quoting boilerplate from her speeches and press releases on other topics.

Standard sleazy politician stuff.

She also tried to backpedal hard when confronted by statements she had made in her church and elsewhere about god’s plan for the war in Iraq, etc. in which she’d done everything but use the actual word jihad.

Mainline Rabid-Right Christian Fundamentalist-speak.

She and McCain claim they’re going to change Washington DC. The best those two could manage would be to change their underwear.

Big Diomede Island (also called Ratmanov and Imaqliq) on the left; American Little Diomede Island (also Krusenstern and Inaliq) on the right, on either side of the border between Russia and Alaska, and the International Date Line. Sarah Palin’s entire foreign policy expertise rests on the fact that on a clear day she has seen one from the other.

God help us.


The Wit and Wisdom of George W. Bush AND Dan Quayle

<- He can't have it both ways. He can't take the high horse and then claim the low road. -> It is wonderful to be here today in the great state of Chicago.

God help us indeed
Here in Arizona 'she can do no wrong' and no one seems to care about the concerns.
I fear they represent the nation and these two are destined for the office.
Funny, odd really, that I'm listening to Matt Damon's interview right now about her "staring down Putin in the face." It's not pretty, is it? I'm ready to head for Canada.
I usually just roll my eyes at the Republicans, but I'm actually offended that they would nominate her as their candidate for VP. The idea that she's qualified is so laughable that it's not worth debunking. But it needs to be debunked because the electorate is very gullible. Ugh.
The swans called. They resent the comparison to Palin.

The ACLU (Avarian Civil Liberties Union) would like to have a word with you...
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