Monday, September 01, 2008


Happy Labor Day

We're winding up an enormously accomplishful Work and Play Weekend thanks to some wonderful men, great friends of ours, who've brought energy and strength to various tasks. Chief among them was taking down more trees to open the photovoltaic array to more hours of sunlight--with dramatic results.

Prior to taking down the extra trees, our maximum kilowatt production on a completely cloudless day was 6.2. Yesterday we had a completely cloudless day and, with selected trees to the southeast and southwest of the array removed, we produced 9.1 kw, a significant and highly satisfying 50% increase. Today we did marginally better with 9.2 kw.

We didn't have to lose too many trees--frankly we would love not to have cut down any more, but we had to be practical and maximize productivity in terms of our hopes for as green a house as we could have, as well as our financial investment. We took down one fairly mature oak, a small field pine, and a bunch of young shagbark hickories. All except the pine were cut and stacked for drying into firewood for the winter of 2009/10.

We also attacked a six foot high, twenty foot long, fifteen foot wide pile of trees that had been felled to clear the house site and that we'd never had the time to cut into firewood. Our excavator had simply pushed them into a huge, tangled mass on the east side of the cleared area where they became a major eyesore. It took two days to get all that cut and stacked into what we estimate to be four cords of firewood, worth around $1200 if purchased from a wood seller.


Hurricane Gustav gave the greatest gift imaginable to the Republican National Committee. Bozo announced yesterday that he would be in a weather command center in Texas to track the storm and console refugees from New Orleans, and would not speak at or attend the convention at any time. Given his status as political poison to most candidates (McCain excepted, who has embraced the Bush idiocy) I imagine most Republicans are immensely relieved (and may even have suggested this solution to him so he could appear to be a Great Selfless Her--and be out of their hair).

And my take on Alaskan governor Palin as vice-presidential candidate is that the Republicans had better stop knocking Barack Obama's "lack of experience." Ms Palin, otherwise poster girl for family values (albeit with a pregnant, out of wedlock 17 year old daughter--take THAT Focus on the Family!), has exactly eighteen month's experience as governor, following two years as mayor of a town whose population has been reported variously as between 5400 and 9000 people. That's it. I'm so not impressed, but at least it wasn't Mitt Romney; I didn't want him anywhere NEAR the White house, even as the vice-presidential candidate.

However, there may (or may not) be a bigger story to come. Blogger Nathan of Nathan Exposed has this to say:

This weekend, reports have broken out in the blog world that Sarah Palin’s unwed 16-year-old daughter Bristol is actually the one who gave birth to their Downs syndrome baby Trig in April, 2008! So is Sarah Palin lying about being the mother of Trig?

Kevin Kastner, VP of the company that did the video interview with Palin, states on his blog that he had no idea she was pregnant during the video and neither did the crew! I’ve never met a pregnant woman who wouldn’t have told the whole crew about the baby’s gender, the name she’d picked out, the due date, etc.

Other unconfirmed reports claim that Bristol (the 16-year-old daughter) was absent from school for 5 months, apparently due to mono. This certainly would have provided a window of time for her to go through the rest of pregnancy and give birth. Some photos on the Alaska State Department’s official website that show Sarah Palin and her family earlier this year have been mysteriously taken down. Hmmm…

What a scandal! Now is it true? Details are sketchy, at best. This news story hasn’t even made it to the mainstream media yet and I don’t think it will until Hurricane Gustav has passed.

If there really is a cover-up going on, I’m sure the details will emerge. Faculty from Bristol’s school will be able to confirm whether or not she was out for 5 months. Doctors will have records and witnesses. Time will tell whether or not this is a big internet hoax.

Joe.My.God, on the other hand, quotes sources that he believes to the effect that Palin's daughter truly is five months pregnant NOW, and that the governor bore her fifth child herself last April. With thanks to the invaluable Joe, here's this item on Sarah Palin's immediate future shotgug marriage son-in-law--he sounds like a real gem:

The New York Post got to Levi Johnston's MySpace page before it went private: "I'm a fuckin' redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes. But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some shit and just fuckin' chillin' I guess. Ya fuck with me I'll kick ass." Status: "In a relationship." Children: "I don't want kids."

Just a shade late for that last one, Levi.

Joe's comment: The 17 year-old Johnston is a senior at Wasilla High School where he plays hockey, shoots shit, and wrecks presidential campaigns.

You must have such a wonderfully satisfied feeling from a weekend like that! I know when we get lots of tasks done, I feel so good. Even if I'm tired at the end of it, it's a "good" tired.

Regarding the convention, I agree with you. In fact, Marc and I were having a similar discussion, agreeing that the Republicans were probably thrilled to have an excuse to make W and his VP, Lucifer, go away. On the other hand, while I hope Gustav fizzles, I also hope it's a nice, timely reminder of how badly the Republicans fucked things up with Katrina!
Well you were a busy bee!

Labor day, summer is over, whaaaaa! :(
it wouldn't be the first time there will be a bastard in the White House!
Heck, I'd throw open my legs for that in a heartbeat too. When looking at a specimen like him, abstinence education seems like such a lot of blather.

Maybe if she got real sex education she would have made him use protection, or she'd be on the pill.
Jess--we looked at a little of the convention tonight because we thought we should be fully informed voting citizens, but there was just so much we could take.

Steve--I said the same thing about the onset of the Labor Day Weekend to Fritz late last week--it went by awfully fast this year.


Mike--we are SO turned on by different types! To me he looks and sounds dumb as a post. I'm cursed by finding intelligence, charm and a lack of self-centeredness sexy.
Will, you're good to try to stay informed. I do try, and I read the newspaper (NY Times). Still, there's just so much political bull I can take. I used to be very into government and politics, but I think I got a bit too much of both during my years in government. Nowadays, I stay informed, but most of the political speeches are too much for me to take.

With that said, I applaud your attitude. More people should stay tuned in!
Viewing things from over here in the UK it seemed the republicans and Bush in particular were on every interview possible saying they were doing everything they could. It really is such a pity they didn't do more when Katrina hit.
Glad to hear that the weekend went so well for you and you were able to get so much accomplished.

As for Ms. Palin, god almighty is she a train wreck or what? I am sure that little gem who is going to marry her daughter will fit right into the family.
romach--the Katrina disaster was hugely traumatic here and I used to say to friends, "If this dreadful thing had to happen, if only it could have happened BEFORE the election, we could have been spared the second Bush term. With the convention going on, they had to prove they were doing something this time.

Anthony--see my new post. Americans will love her and it's all image, no substance.
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