Sunday, August 10, 2008

I got this verification “word” when putting a comment on one of the blogs: xxixvyx . Change out the v for a k and it’s practically a word in Basque.


We began a series of open houses this weekend to introduce friends, colleagues of many kinds, and the subcontractors who worked on the house to the finished home. Saturday was devoted to graduates from Fritz’s Masters Degree program for Leslie University. Today was subcontractor day, and Tuesday is for New Hampshire friends.

The big surprise [not] of the day is that it’s raining right now—pouring very hard in fact. And it’s now official: the normal amount of rain for the last six weeks is 14.5 inches. As of Friday, we’ve had 29 inches and the rain this weekend was expected to amount to at least one inch and possibly as much as two. Flash foods are beginning to become a big problem and a couple of towns have had extensive sections of roads swept away in seconds.

A lot of work is getting done inside the house because it’s virtually impossible to work outside which is completely saturated even in the short dry periods between deluges. The forecast for next week is for more of the same. The mosquito population is completely out of control.


We watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics agog at the precision, the beauty and the sheer scale of the achievement. I was struck by something when making that comment earlier today that I mentioned above. The blogger had brought up the issue of that great mass of drummers being intimidating. Thinking back, I realized this kind of “more is more” use of masses of people arranged in very precise patterns to make huge effects is very anciently, essentially Chinese. I thought of these guys from more than 2000 years ago:


The Wit and Wisdom of George W. Bush

The most important job is not to be governor, or first lady in my case.

I'd love to be at one of those open houses. And I'll bet that George and Laura are glad to be at the Olympics, too. Lucky them. And us.
Sounds as though your getting as much rain as us over here in the UK. It hasn't stopped now for over a week. I watched part of the opening of the Olympics also. I think they done a lot better than a lot of people expected.
The drummers at the Olympic opening ceremonies were amazing. It was funny that they were told to "smile more" at the camera so they wouldn't look so intimidating.

There was an excellent PBS program about the excavation of the Terra Cotta Warriors. It was found that every soldier has a unique face..there wasn't one replica in the group.
A Basque joke? That went so far over my head they needed ...

a) Air Traffic Control
c) Zeus on Olympus translate it for me.
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