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Hard for me to believe, but it’s DesignerBlog’s fifth anniversary today. It’s chronicled almost half of my relationship with Fritz, through the long years of our commuter relationship as committed partners and lovers into legal marriage in Massachusetts, my big career transition and the building of this wonderful new house in which we now live.

Some blogs seem to go on forever, others spring up and fade early (I’ve visited several recently where the first entry turned out to be the only entry). Others, as we’ve seen recently once again, are elaborate fabrications so engrossing and convincing as to cause disbelief and hurt when their bubble pops (some others are elaborate fabrications so entertaining nobody cares and just has a good time). Many blogs run their course and then shut down, written by interesting, vibrant people who move on and leave you wondering what the rest of their story could be. These I miss, some of them very much indeed.

By the way, this is NOT a goodbye statement. Anything but. I still have things to do, places to go, a fantastic man to love, and miles to go before I sleep. The internet is many things to many people and for me it’s first and foremost a communications tool. For me, life is about people and connecting with them, whether it’s professionally or personally. And I have just enough (healthy, I hope) ego to think I still have a few things worth saying in this medium. Most of all, I have had genuinely great experiences meeting bloggers in person after coming to know them from their own blogs. Thank you all so much, whether I’ve met you or not—you’ve enriched my experience, taught me, amused me, moved me and made me feel part of a greater, wider, richer and more varied gay community than I could ever have imagined.


Fritz and I have many connections with the American Northwest. Dear friends of ours moved from Boston to Seattle some years ago, disappointment over losing them here has led to a couple of great trips to visit them there. Almost exactly a year ago, my elder daughter and her husband moved to Salem, Oregon and traveling to visit them there (and connecting again with dear Lewis in Portland) is on our list for the not too distant future. We spent the better part of a whole week touring the Olympic Peninsula on one occasion, and on another I got to see Seattle’s fabled production of Wagner’s Ring of the Nibleung. We love the Northwest.

But I never thought we’d be living there--particularly without ever having to leave home. But it’s come to that in New England, particularly the area from Boston to central New Hampshire that’s stuck in a weather system generated by a massive, completely stationary low pressure system.

Rain is a daily event, frequently through the majority of the day, and currently for several days both past and to come, with few or no breaks of sun. The downpours at night are so powerful and loud that we're regularly awakened from sound sleep. You could call this place Seattle East and get no argument from me, and you could definitely call this summer Monsoon Season.


Tommy Rico who writes in New York City posted this picture on his blog From the Ashes challenged his readers to identify the site. It turned out to be the doppler radar dome and antenna on top of Rockefeller Center, a small portion of which can be seen in the Deco-Gothic ornamentation at the left. What struck me was the genreal resemblance to another Deco icon:

It's the Trylon and Perisphere, the symbol of the 1939 World's Fair held in Flushing meadows in New York City's borough of Queens.


The Wit and Wisdom of George W. Bush

Leadership to me means duty, honor, country. It means character, and it means listening from time to time.

(Although nowhere near enough in his case)

Happy Anniversary!

Is there cake? I want cake.
Happy anniversary! You're consistently fun and engaging to read Will - keep it up :-)
Happy Blogiversary!

Ditto to what Scoobyg said!
Happy blogbirthday and many more to come.
congrats on your blogiversary!

you are an inspiration to me even tho i am one of those who has fallen off the wagon in terms of blogging. hopefully will get in the spirit soon.

always love to see what's up and is been a grand journey with the house! so amazing and beautiful and what a treat for the two of you!
Ted--there was cheesecake and cream puffs here-=where were you?

scooby--VERY good to hear from you--if you read this, please contact me by email so I can have your email address.

Paul--many thanks.

Doug--thanks. In a couple of months, I hope to begin experiments with making cheese, inspired by you.

SoGal--thanks for stopping by! Always nice to hear from you.
Happy blog anniversary!

I enjoy your blog alot -- hope you keep on posting for a long time.
Happy Anniversary! Thanks for your comment on my blog. That's a fascinating story about your mother.

Congratulations Will. WOW, 5 years, I have only been blogging for one. I know I am only a new comer to your blog but I hope you will be blogging for many more years so we can hear more about your an fritz and your life :-)
"Dear" Lewis??? Oh my. I did pull the wool over the sheep's eyes, didn't I? Seriously, CONGRATULATIONS on the anniversary! And, I hate to tell you, but you've had far more rain than even the NW has this summer. My condolences.
Happy anniversary to DesignerBlog! I've enjoyed reading you - and meeting you - over the years, and I look forward to continuing to do so!
i haven't been able to read blogs in some days - i am sorry i missed your anniversary.
May there be many many more!
Wow 5 years,, that's a lot of blogging, congratulations.
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