Thursday, July 24, 2008

The New Yorker magazine’s staff swears that the now-[in]famous Barack and Michelle Obama cover was intended as a satirical comment on the idiocy that’s been printed and spoken by conservative Republican commentators about the democratic candidate and his wife. This little video, titled "I’m Voting Republican," is perhaps a more obviously recognizable example of political satire--


Northern New England has become the tropics. Virtually every afternoon and evening we have thunderstorms, frequently accompanied by huge amounts of rain that continue in waves of downpours during the night. There are flood watches on our rivers throughout the southern half of the state.

We’re not in any flood danger because of our position on the hillside, but it’s become impossible to work outside even in moments when it isn’t actively raining, because everything’s sodden. The humidity is so high that the dehumidifier we bought is taking three gallons of water out of the air every day and would take more if we left it running at night.

The up side to all this is that our new plantings are very happy and have gone into the ground with no shock at all. But with as much as three more inches expected today, it’s all becoming a huge bore and very frustrating.

With work outside difficult to impossible most of the time, some finishing details inside the house are getting done faster than I expected.

The iron grates high on the wall of the great room allowing excess warm air to help heat the second floor during the winter got installed on Tuesday. They aren’t in the florid Victorian style but a much simpler geometric pattern that goes perfectly with the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired lines of the house and the Deco/Moroccan feel of the upstairs. We found them at the big, wonderful architectural salvage place in Exeter where we’ve found so many of the finishing details for the house. They responded well to a stiff wire brushing to take off a century’s worth of soot, rust and caked dust and dirt. Then a Rustoleum base coat and finally whatever color worked best with the wall on which they were to be placed.

In the guest room (now Starr’s room) that color is Suntan Yellow, a bright, warm shade that washed out in this shot almost completely.

It was after lunch, and I moved around the room as quietly as possible because Starr had already settled in to rest up from the rigors of her after-breakfast nap. As it turned out, she was completely out. After giving me one slit-eyed lookover, nothing roused her, not even the power drill when I sank the two screws needed to secure the grate to the wall. I wasn’t around later to catch her reaction when she discovered that her days of walking through the opening in the wall and onto the great room trusses are over.

In the bathroom, where the color scheme is black, white, medium charcoal and pearly metallic silver, I chose the silver, which looks very sharp against the wall tile.

Downstairs, I had a sudden thought that my collection of French country pottery known as Quimper after the town in Brittany where it’s made, would look very good against the same orange color as the accent wall in the room. I ran it by Fritz, who encouraged me to go for it. The result transformed the two corner cabinets and pulled the color around the room in a really good way.


The Wit and Wisdom of George W. Bush

I was proud the other day when both Republicans and Democrats stood with me in the Rose Garden to announce their support for a clear statement of purpose, "You disarm, or we will." [10/5/2002]

It's looking very nice you guys. I'm sorry that the summer weather isn't cooperating very well .. much like the winter weather, eh? Sigh.
I love the tile colors you used for the walls in the bathroom.

"After giving me one slit-eyed lookover" - that made me laugh. It's so funny when cat's do that.
I like the corner cabinet and the pottery. I clicked on the photo to get a better look. Very nice!

And I should warn you that Starr called me to see if I would go back into my trial lawyer mode and take her case, as her rights are being trampled. ;)
The grates really work, and I like your color choices. Were you very close to the bad thunderstorm/possible tornado that caused a death and a bunch of destruction in NH yesterday?
Lewis--we dodged a big bullet last yesterday with the tornado that cut a swath through several counties, including ours. We escaped with only historic rains.

Matt--I couldn't live without a cat in my life. They're automatic reality checks whenever you get too full of yourself.

Jess-- HA! And again, sir, HA! :-)

Doug--fortunately, Fritz and I have been on the same page all through the process on the look and style of the house, and neither of us is afraid of color.

The woman who was killed when her house collapsed lived in Deerfield, the next town to the northwest of ours. She was probably about 15 to 20 miles from here. Oddly, there was almost no wind here all day while the tornado was so close.
It sure was feeling tropical here (NE) for a while, wasn't it? The rains really were over the top...but it's nice to have a break from the responsibilities of watering.

LOVE the heat grilles and like the way you've coordinated them into their spaces.

That squint-eye judgement look is a cat classic, for sure!
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