Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thursday and Friday, I carried around at least a half ton of stone, maybe more, from where I had it piled up—the furthest into the property I could get the Jeep—to where it was needed.

The mini-cliff behind the house is topped and, in many places faced, by a strange combination of soils. There’s a very loose soil made up of centuries of decayed leaves, and there are great patches of putty-colored clay that is quite hard and dense, especially when wet. In rain storms such as we’ve been having daily recently (and are forecast to have for the next week), the leaf soil washes out easily and has been spreading all over the swale behind the house. The problem is that as it washes down it gullies and brings lots of rock with it. If it washes out in sufficient amounts, it could undermine the place where the bridge lands on the cliff.

What to do? A retaining wall, of course. So, I’ve been hauling rocks, setting them in so that they lock together to keep the bank solid. I’ve got a huge amount more to do, but my progress this week was significant.

I also completed the berm retainer on the west side of the house, which I’ve also set up as a rock garden.

Part of the beneficial fall-out from all this heavy physical labor is that I’m now at my very best weight since college, having dropped 17 pounds since New Year’s and firmed up a great deal of what’s left. And I’m now also in pretty great shape physically.


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It's great that you lost so much and are in such great shape! Just be careful not to hurt your back lifting those rocks!
i am paying a personal trainer mega-bucks to get me in shape. he has me picking up bags of sand and hauling them around
i could have saved so much money merely working for you!
Well done on the weight loss. You should have a posted a picture of your sexy self too!
I'd like to ask George to repeat that statment ten times....because I still don't get it. But, then again, neither does he. The work with the rocks sounds like (no pun intended) a TON of work. And if you're looking for good weather, you can come here...100 yesterday. Again today. Too hot for this sissy.
Jess--So far, so good. I took an industrial safety course at MIT that was heavily involved with lifting and carrying safety techniques.

spo--ANY time you want to come out here and give a hand, you'll be most welcome. You'll be very well fed, I can assure you!

romach--stop back here next Thursday and I'll have an HNT photo posted.

Lewis--100 degrees in Portland? Isn't that almost unheartd of?
Did W really say this? I can't believe it!
It would be better to have a real monkey as president.
Thank you for getting in touch Will.
I have added your blog!
Hmmm. (Marks Thursday on calendar).
That was an impressive retaining wall you built.

Congrats on the 71 lb weight loss!
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