Tuesday, May 13, 2008

While our excavator reconfigured some of the hillside above the house in preparation for installing posts that will support the photovoltaic panels, and for the bridge that will join the "cliff" to the second floor of the house, Fritz and I did a rough layout of the walkways we want across the front of the house. We hammered stakes into the ground and stretched white string between them to define the triangular raised bed of native New Hampshire wild flowers that will sit directly outside the great room's windows.

It remains a cold spring here, with heavy winds yesterday. I'm home less this week as I've designed the set and lighting for Intermezzo Chamber Opera's spring production, a double bill of operas by Eric Satie and Charles Shadle, a colleague of mine from Music and Theater at MIT. So far, the technical rehearsals are going well.

Socrate, about the life and death of the great Greek Philosopher, uses a combination of front projections cross-fading in and out with the work of actors who appear only as silhouettes behind a plain muslin drop. I'd wanted to take pictures last night but my laptop has been pressed into service with power point to run the projector.

The score is quite lovely, very early twentieth century French, with long lyric lines and great refinement. I get to hear the brand new Shadle opera, A Last Goodbye, for the first time tonight. Word from those who've heard it, and from those who are in it, is that the music is extremely beautiful.


My cousin in Montreal sent me these three pictures, preceded by the challenge, "See if you can identify where these pictures were taken" . . . .

And followed by the answer, "India! That's where we have to call to get instructions on how to work our computers and other electronics. Makes you think, doesn't it?"

I wrote back to tell him that several years ago, Dell's computer support in Bangalore had completely destroyed my computer in approximately three weeks time. They eventually had to send me a whole new computer absolutely free because of all the damage their tech support had done.

that does look ugly.
I have been dissatisfied with Dell ever since the laptop arrived.
I am looking into Macs now.
Will, I'd really like to hear more about the native plantings that you're doing as they come along. The house is so beautiful so far, I can't wait to see how the landscaping plays out.
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