Thursday, April 24, 2008

This was sent to me by my oldest and bestest friend in the world, who said he got it off one of the late night talk shows:
The Pope left the White House, to go say Mass at the baseball stadium--in the Popemobile.

And Bush followed him--in the Dopemobile.


It’s been a while since I checked out what Italian fashion and interior designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been up to. Fortunately, more of the same:

Stefano in the guest bedroom in their palazzo on the island of Ibizia.

I’ve been searching the web for some shot of this fantastic room ever since I saw a full page spread of it in Vogue. Only a bit of it’s shown here in the close cropping, but the entire room is finished in gold plated furniture and the mosaic tiles on the walls are covered in gold leaf like the tiles used in Byzantine mosaics. You catch just a bit of the shimmer in this shot. There’s a gold-plated sculpture of a clump of three slender palm trees in the room and in the Vogue shot. The light pouring in the window made the room shine like the sun.

Italians have always had a great sense of the theatrical in their architecture and design and I’m rather proud to be one and to have inherited that quality. Here’s the upstairs bathroom, all deco in black, white, metallic silver and gray:

The general contractor informs me that we’re ready to be revisited for inspection leading to a Certificate of Occupancy. I have no idea when that will happen but it’s going to be soon..

Speaking of getting ready, I was delighted yesterday to see two guys from Comcast show up and do all the work necessary to get the various cables up through the underground conduits, install the signal boosters and ready everything for the crew that will do the installation inside the house on the 30th of this month. I’d been jerked around for months and told that the work could only be done in the spring (although the conduits have been in the ground since October).

I’d been promised a call telling me when the cables would be run but there wasn’t a call, just two very personable technicians, partially undressed in the 86 degree heat yesterday afternoon, who showed up and finally got service to a terminal box they installed just below the house. One more thing crossed off the list.


Spring has come all in a rush. A week ago the peepers began their all-night mating ruckus in the woods around the various ponds that we and our neighbors have on our properties. Peepers are tree frogs, very small but very loud. It’s actually a great sound and a real sign of the change of seasons.

Everything has blossomed at once. The daffodils are not almost at their height (this is a very small group) . . .

. . . and the flowers on the big magnolia in front of Fritz’s house popped all at once in the sudden heat.


I’ve begun moving cartons and some small furniture items up to the house. A lot of kitchen stuff can be stored in the cabinets and be ready for us when we decide the time has come to start cooking there. I’m also setting up my studio as I’m very anxious to begin a normal life again, with access to my reference books, records and CDs.

I started collecting operas and symphonic music recordings when I was seven and I never abandoned the vinyl I own—much of it has never been transferred to digital, and even if it had, the cost would be enormous. I’m lining my studio with continuous work tables and designed their bases to store my collection.

The weight of all the LPs makes these work tables extremely stable and secure. The collection is interrupted for my computer station (just barely seen, far right) then resumes, turns the corner and extends another five feet down the opposite wall. It’s the best storage arrangement for the collection I’ve ever had.


Ted (The Neighbors Will Hear) posted this Know your Bible quiz, which I took and here are the results:

You know the Bible 95%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create MySpace Quizzes

The last question was “Do you read the Bible?, and I answered honestly that I do not. I attribute my score after all this time to the twelve years of hard indoctrination I got at Catholic school and to the fact that when I was younger I had close to a photographic memory—which I’m delighted to see seems still to be working!

I know the Bible 100%, they say. All those years singing in choir paid off (and I must have been awake more often than I thought!)
That guest bedroom looks like it would be a great place to have an orgy, but I'm not sure I'd want to sleep or get dressed or read in bed in it. I would love similar tiling in a bathroom, though.
and on top of everything you have such lovely daffodils too.
lucky man.
I have to say, the idea of the gold room makes me think "overdecorated bordello".

I'm happy to hear the house is coming together and the daf's are lovely. I'm envious. I really need to put more spring bulbs that are rodent proof in the garden

As for the bible, I got a 90%. I guess there is no escaping 8 years of parochial education. I could be using that space in my brain for other things. Damn.
Sounds as if things are moving along nicely with the house.

Love that bathroom photo. The fixtures remind me of my old house. I had the exact same sink, medicine cabinet and toilet as well as similar tiles. Definitely 20-30's art deco.
Miraculously, I got a 48% on the bible questions when I only knew two answers. The rest were just guesses.

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