Thursday, April 03, 2008

Not too much today but I didn't want too big a gap to open up again between posts.

Spring seems finally to be winning its arm wrestle with winter. The many thousands of daffodils are well up here although at least a week away from blossoming, but the crocuses--white, purple and yellow all mixed together and scattered across green areas
everywhere--are in full bloom.

Finishing work continues inside the house but is excitingly close to being finished. With the spring thaw roaring along, the focus is shifting to the exterior of the house again. Our stone mason of choice arrived this morning to consult with us on his schedule and working methods. He'll start inside with the two piers in the front corners of the great room, then move outside to shape and sheathe the six exterior piers with native New Hampshire fieldstone, a lot of which will come from what we blasted out to set the house into the hillside.

Here are some pictures taken yesterday afternoon:

Cabinetry is now complete in our master bathroom. By this evening when the vanity sink is hooked up, plumbing will be absolutely complete throughout the house.

The bookshelves in the staircase alcove are progressing well.

Here's a look into the upstairs bedroom, complete with the art deco theater poster that is the basic inspiration for most of the second floor. Colors and the deco style are coming right off this poster and being used throughout the three spaces up there. I've even begun the layout of the wall treatment in the bathroom, a deco design in gloss white, medium charcoal gray, pale metallic silver, and black.

The poster is mounted on what's been dubbed "the Thing." The Thing is necessary to house the Aga's vent pipe and for some reason I've been able to grasp fully, the pipe has elbows that make its journey through the guest room much wider than it should be. This was a make lemonade from lemons situation, so I designed a cover for the pipe that would highlight the poster and include two cut-out compartments, each of which will hold a piece of African sculpture.

For the rest, I'm cleaning up and sorting out the huge scrap wood pile in front of the house, storing it all in the barn. We'll have kindling for at least two more years for all the wood stoves, and enough scrap fir 2x stock to boil off next year's entire maple syrup harvest. It's very hard work and my abs are showing very well for it, thank you very much!

Really, you could have just posted a picture of your abs.
looking good Will. love those niches around the "you can't take it with you" poster and the stair niches look great. Your house is so totally full of fun, creative custom touches.
Ted--maybe I'll send you one privately. I don't think I'm quite ready to unleash them on the general public.

Sam--thanks. I've been very happy to have you following the house's progress. Since you did so much (all?) the work on yours, you know how satisfying it is to be that involved and see it all come out as you'd hoped.
any chance to see the abs?
i want a pic of your weenie
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