Monday, February 18, 2008

We were fully booked last weekend at Fritz’s Center, and with groups that are polar opposites. From Friday at 5pm to Sunday noon it’s the annual retreat of the ladies from a church in Derry, NH. Then at 4pm on Sunday our boys arrived for a Sweat gathering. From church ladies to naked gay guys—you can get anything you like chez Fritz and Will.


Saturday night we had the great pleasure of hearing one of our friends as featured performer in a flute and harp recital in Durham, NH sponsored by the Mill Pond Arts Center. Doug Worthen’s has had an international career (Edinburgh Festival, Russia, France, Japan, Singapore, Spain) in addition to many well-known U.S. groups like Boston’s Handel & Haydn Society, Milwaukee’s Beethoven Festival, and in Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center and Boston Symphony Hall. The venue for the recital was the intimate, classically austere New England-style Durham Community Church, whose warm, clear acoustic was perfect for the elegant ensemble playing of Doug and harpist Kathleen Lyon-Pingree

The program was largely French and French-oriented stylistically with works by Daniel Burton, Jean-Michel Damase, Vincent Persichetti, Otar Taktakishvili (an exotically seductive serenade), and Jacques Ibert. Each musician played one solo: she a Debussy Arabesque and he a sonata by Telemann. There was a good crowd, a comfortable, informal atmosphere, and excellent music-making.

Doug will be performing flute concertos with orchestra this spring in Concord and Manchester, NH.


We’ve begun painting in the new house. The professional painters finished their work (base coat on all plaster, finish coat on ceilings, the two story tall stairwell, the tall center section of the great room back wall) last Thursday. We finished choosing all our color choices last week and will do the rest of the house ourselves.

This is the upstairs studio in process. What you can sort of see is that the reveals in the windows of each wall are painted the color of the other wall. There’s a lot of detailing to come. The look is to be Moroccan, supported by art and furniture that’s either genuine Moroccan or things I’ve built and inlaid in the Moroccan style. Fritz refers to it as “The Casbah,” which is fine with me.

We’ll finish the basic painting upstairs this morning and move down to the kitchen this afternoon.

We’re back to living in a cloud. With the arrival of warm, tropical air and rain over ice and snow, there’s fog and murk everywhere. We’re off this evening to a presentation in Exeter by the local Adult Education organization called “Being Green.” It’s supposed to cover all one needs to know to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle and leave the smallest carbon footprint possible behind. This, of course, is right in line with how the new house has been planned and built.


Another of these things that I can never resist. Somehow, they always seem to come out with something I can recognize in myself.

You Are Upper Class
Class isn't always about money, and you've at least got the brains, manners, and interests of an upper class person.

You don't have a trashy bone in your body, and you don't pretend to be someone you're not.

You're comfortable with your station in life, and class issues don't really bother you.

The finest things in life are within your reach, and you're comfortable enjoying them.

You may end up: A business leader, corporate lawyer, or philanthropist

Other people who share your class: Bill Gates, Oprah, former world leaders like Bill Clinton, and those reclusive billionaires no one ever talks about.

What Class Are You?

i can use some help with the decoration of my new place...wanna help? (u'll have to come to israel though)
A naked man descending a fireman's ladder, nude statues of an underage Antinoos, and now lascivious pictures of a man fondling his flute.

Thank the gods you've finally learned to wallow in the gutter.
Not to worry, Ted--there are shallows to my personality that this blog has yet to explore.
You guys sweat? I wanna come. I haven't found anyplace around here to do that. How far is Montreal from you?
I'm afraid Herr Mozart and I have about the same opinion of the flute. I'm glad you enjoyed though.

Sounds like life is treating you well. Maybe you could combine the church ladies and the sweat lodge. It'd make a good film.

I took the test BTW and almost died laughing. I'm upper middle class! I just wish I had the income.
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