Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wisdom from [2] magazine: “When The Authorities tell you that sex is sinful, the lesson to be learned is: don’t have sex with The Authorities.”


The estimate of when the house will be habitable has been pushed forward yet again . Despite my understanding that building a house never follows the projected schedule, I do feel that to some extent I've been strung along just a bit instead of honestly being given a realistic picture of the amount of time each phase of the operation would take.

As of the moment, mid-March seems far more likely, this on a job that the general contractor had said would wrap up with a certificate of occupancy by November 30. It's disappointing, of course, particularly as something like 98% of my stuff is still inaccessible in cartons in two or three separate locations around the property. I begged Fritz today to understand that I wasn't in any way unhappy with or feeling unwanted by him, but that in some very essential ways I sometimes feel like I'm homeless.

This, too, shall pass. Patience is a virtue. Or so I'm told.


"[Gene Robinson] is certainly not alone in being a gay bishop; he's certainly not alone in being a gay-partnered bishop. He is alone in being the only gay-partnered bishop who's open about that status," - Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schorri.

Of course, we all know this about the major percentage, if not actual majority, of gays and lesbians in the clergy of all religions, but I can't imagine too many of the hierarchy of most churches would ever admit the fact publicly. Bless this lady--may many others come off it and share her honesty.


The New Year arrived yesterday with the first day of civil unions for gays and lesbians in New Hampshire (more than two dozen couples were united), and another six inches of snow from the seemingly never-ending parade of snowstorms. We kissed the last of our New Years guests good-bye just after lunch as they hurried to get on the road for home before the snow started.

Looking toward the barn as daylight faded yesterday

This New Years weekend was somewhat more low-key than in the past, albeit with some satisfying outbreaks of debauch. There was a strong mix of planned activities (a Sweat Lodge, tantric massage, a talent show) and time for guys to sit and talk, play card games or try some devilishly difficult new-style puzzles together. The food was outstanding. We also had a porn exchange table to drop off pre-ogled tapes, DVDs, books and magazines and trade for new ones.

The wall-mounted boiler and manifold of tubes to and from the slab

Fritz and I took groups through the new house, which became more comfortable each day as the slab heated up fully for the first time. Combined with the house’s thick, high R-value blown-in insulation, the radiant heat will probably keep us comfortable in the draft-free interior with the thermostats set to five or seven degrees lower than we’re normally used to.

On Saturday we were a group of twelve at the house, so I asked for help to determine if our goal of having a shower that would accommodate at least six men had been achieved. The enclosure was still only framed in without either the preliminary paneling or the tiles, and the guys were all in winter outer clothing. Nevertheless, we got ten men in with no problem, but much hilarity and ribald comment about our intentions--all of it completely justified.

Intensive days of plastering through New Years Eve afternoon left the upstairs fully plastered and ready for the next phase. Plastering the downstairs began this morning. We’re also getting ready for next week. The Aga kitchen stove gets delivered, built and fired up; the soapstone sink and my antique pedestal bathroom sink will be brought up from the barn and readied for installation; and sometime in the middle of the week, the plastering crew will do a big clean-up to ready the interior for the finish carpenter, whose work we're told will take three weeks.

I can just picture all of you fruitcakes (it is Christmas, after all) in the shower checking it out. Laughing and giggling like I did when I first experienced having a boy's mouth around my weenie. Sorry for the delay on the house. Keep in perspective, both you and Fritz, that it's not an issue BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU. It's an outside issue. The conflict is not between you guys. It's external and should be treated as such. Hugs to you both.
PS...Glad your civil unions were put into place! Yippee! Ours were stopped last Friday by a lovely Mormon judge appointed by GW Bush. They were to have started yesterday too. Tonight is a candelite vigil in protest. Guess whose going!
no sex with authoriites; does that mean no more police uniforms?
spo--no, if they're part of someone's cop drag, go for it!

Lewis--good for you, give 'em hell for me, too.

And don't worry, there;'s no friction between Fritz and me. I spoke to him to make sure he would NEVER think I regretted moving up here for an instant. I'm just getting tired of living out of cartons, NOT of living with him.
Policemen are the best sub bottoms, though.

I'm just saying.
Great blog! I'm gonna be checking it often. I'm glad you enjoy my OPERA in AMERICA blog.

Keep up the great work,
J. Valois
Happy New Year to you and Fritz! That picture could have been taken in my back yard. :)
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