Friday, January 04, 2008

Has anyone noticed that in Mike Huckabee’s campaign ads where he’s playing guitar he looks about as involved and happy as if he were undergoing waterboarding or some other kind of “non-torture”? I remember that when Bill Clinton played sax in jazz ensembles, he looked like he was having the time of his life. Come to think of it, the country was having the time of its life as well, at least by comparison. Ah, well . . . .

Mitt Romney arrived here in New Hampshire very early this morning trying hard to put the best face possible on his 9% loss to Huckabee in the Iowa Caucuses. He said a few condescending things by way of congratulating Huckabee, and then added ‘but we’re not going to let that happen here in New Hampshire.” The primary is next Tuesday (the 8th) and predictions here are that Romney will be beaten by McCain if not by McCain and Huckabee in that order. McCain is getting very good response here among Republicans. As this state is low on Evangelical Christians compared with Iowa, the Huckabee phenomenon isn’t expected to be so strong, but the virulent anti-Romney reaction from the state’s press (see previous blog entry) just might keep Huckabee out of third place.

The most populous cities in New Hampshire are all in range of Boston and other Massachusetts TV stations, so they’ll have some idea of just what a defeated, lying governor Romney was there. Also, we now have civil unions that were peacefully accepted by the citizens of New Hampshire, so Romney won’t be able to sell his bigotry quite as effectively. IF, and I repeat if, he’s defeated here as well as he was in Iowa, I would expect that his hoped-for triumphal march to the nomination would be severely damaged. Iowa must be especially galling for Romney, since he devoted so much time to the state for so long, and because he outspent Huckabee there 20 to 1.

I was disappointed that Iowa didn’t turn out well for Hillary, and there’s no good way to view third place, even if she and Edwards were only a point apart. He was eight points behind Obama, she nine points; even if you MIGHT consider them tied for second, her picture is still placed below Edwards’ on the TV news in a way that just shouts “3rd!” I think she’ll do better here but it isn’t a done deal and, as McCain is pointing out in ads and interviews, New Hampshire’s actual vote often bears little recognizable relationship to the pre-election polls. In any event, McCain is featuring the two major newspaper anti-endorsements against Romney in his latest TV ads, and a beautiful sight to see they are.

We vote here next Tuesday-—my first vote as a New Hampshire resident. The other primaries are scheduled like this:

15 Jan: Michigan primary
19 Jan: Nevada caucuses; South Carolina primary (Rep)
26 Jan: South Carolina primary (Dem)
29 Jan: Florida primary
5 Feb: some 20 states including California, New York, New Jersey


Whatever happens eventually in the primaries, nomination procedure and general election, at least we only have one year and sixteen days left of this:

I woke up about 5:30 yesterday morning and saw the moon flooding light into the bedroom, setting the snow-covered trees shining in the frigid 3 degree cold (further north in Conway it was -21). Then I dropped back off to sleep and woke up for good just after 7 to see the crescent moon hanging low in the sky and an extremely bright planet framed in branches of the magnolia tree.

The air is so free of moisture here and so apparently free of pollution as well during the current weather pattern, that both planet and moon remained clearly visible far into the dawn. The same spectacle was repeated this morning-—the extreme beauty of a New England winter as reward for the cold and constant digging out. You'll never find me in Florida for the winter!

Venus is the 3rd brightest object in the sky - and is never too far from the sun - that's your morning star that is playing with the moon, I believe.

A message to other bloggers - Will's house is even more exciting in 3D than the pix. I was fortunate enough to have a house tour over the weekend - and even more fortunate to spend time with friends at Walnut Hill!
You've set a seriously sexy scene with the FREEZING cold temps, the moon, and the early morning hours. Makes me want to climb into bed and snuggle. Forever!
On a further depressing not, Huckabee is a seriously negative force to be reckoned with. Keep an eye on that boy.
your entries are always so informative and witty.
it would be a joy to meet you some day.
I think Huckabee winning Iowa is an aberration. I think, unfortunately, Romney will dominate. I live in Boston, so I know how bad that will be.
I thought Hillary looked best among the Democrats in yesterday's debate. (Which Republican was best is irrelevant, frankly.) Problem is, I don't think everyone agrees. The overnight polls seem to be favoring Obama, but I just can't get excited about him. He seems smart, but he's just too green. And I thought Hillary was the only one with the right answer on the nuclear question (which I discussed a bit on my blog today). As brutal as the answer is, she is the only one who had the guts (and/or knowledge) to say that a nuclear attack must be met with a response directed at the country that harbored the terrorists. Yes, it would be true horror, but there's an excellent reason why it must be that way. At least Hillary knew that. It makes me feel good about her potential as Commander-in-Chief.
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