Saturday, December 08, 2007

Conversation overheard at the new house between Paul the plasterer/wallboarder and Bob, one of the siding crew:

Paul: So, you doing any real work these days?
Bob: Yes, building a house north of here.
Paul: You have a wallboarder?
Bob: You interested?
Paul: Do accordionists wear pinky rings?

At the end of the workday yesterday, here’s where things stood: the house is completely insulated; the siding crew is working today and should be finished by the time they leave. The main thing they have to do is install the louvers in the cupola at the top of the main roof Plastering of the concrete shell walls began in the mechanical room, which will allow the boiler to be installed, and THAT will lead to hooking up the pipes in the slab to the boiler so the house will have heat for all the work that still has to be done.

The general contractor wrote me this morning that next week will be filled with finishing details to get the house completely ready for the major work of wallboard and plaster to begin on the 17th. There will also be a major clean-up of sawdust and dust from the blown-in insulation to make the place ready for the wall and plaster work. I was told it will take two weeks and I doubt it will be finished completely by the end of December because of the holidays, but maybe. We’re still hoping to have some sort of pot-luck dinner or picnic lunch up at the house for all the boys when we have our four day New Year’s house party.


I’ve contacted Comcast and told them they have the contract to put in wireless high-speed internet, phone and cable TV. People tell me that Comcast is trouble but I really have no choice. The only alternative—Verizon—doesn’t offer high speed and/or wireless internet in this area in any form; going back to dial-up isn’t remotely an option I would consider. Also, Verizon’s TV is only via dish, and sticking a dish on the house isn’t going to happen.


Rick at Bandit Talks posted the link to this little quiz on which candidate for the presidency most closely represents your beliefs and concerns:

It questions you about the major issues facing the country, then analyzes the answers and ranks the candidates, both Republican and Democrat, on how they coordinate with your own beliefs.

Not surprisingly, my results placed all Democrats over all Republicans. Chris Dodd and Joe Biden came in #1 and #2, followed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (which is the position on the ticket I would like to see them run). I like both Dodd and Biden but wouldn’t vote for either, as I don’t believe they’re electable--and I feel it’s imperative a Democrat be elected next year.

On the bottom end of my list were Romney, Huckabee and Thompson in that order, which is OK except I’d have put Romney at the very bottom since I can’t stand the sleaze. He isn’t at the very bottom of the list in the latest national poll of Republicans, but he does come in a reassuringly poor fourth: Giuliani leads with 26%, then Huckabee with 18%, McCain with 13% and Romney with 12%.


One thing that having broken my ankle has introduced me to in a major way is Christmas shopping via the internet. I've been buying fairly regularly from over the years (books and CDs) for myself and the occasional gift, but this year I got into wishlists and serious on line shopping in a big way. I think I still prefer checking out merchandise myself and establishing an in person buyer-seller contact with a merchant, but aside from the occasional concern when packages seem to be overdue, everything's worked very well.

the accordian - pinky ring made me sit up a bit.
i too am doing the internet shopping - love this !
Almost the entirety of my holiday shopping is accomplished by pointing and clicking. Much less annoying than actually braving the crowds!
There are many, many occasions when just having black or white socks wouldn't cut it. I'm with you! Who cares about the wash?
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