Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blueboard is going up all over the house—in fact, a good 80% of the place has ceilings and walls up at this time. It looks a little grim because of the institutional slate blue color, much darker than the facing on traditional facing on wallboard. Blueboard is made especially to be the base for a coat of plaster. If all goes well, within ten days, the entire house will have smooth, sparkling white walls and ceilings and once again be filled with light reflecting off all surfaces.


We had a lovely Christmas with my younger daughter and Fritz’s younger sister joining us from New York City and Cambridge, MA respectively. Breakfast was Christmas stollen and coffee that’s a tradition in Fritz’s family, and then we unwrapped presents. There were lots of gourmet treats, some of them Fritz’s home-grown and home-made jams, and CDs, clothing items, books, games, and a brand new outfit for my daughter’s loveable, totally air-headed little poodle.

I splurged this year for Fritz. I found a mirror, hand-carved and painted, in a shop called The Artful Hand in the Copley Place shopping mall in Boston. It was totally by chance that I was even in Copley Place, whose prices are usually well beyond me, but I was early for a production meeting in the South End for an opera I was designing and wandered into the mall just for fun. There were many pieces by this particular artist: mirrors, furniture, wall art. The one that grabbed my attention had a frame set up to be a calendar, with pegs topped by a star, a moon to indicate the month and day, and a third one with a cake on it to mark a birthday.

But it was the motto on top that that made it special for Fritz: “Go out for Adventure, come home for love.” When I was in the process of actually and finally moving in up here in July, I told Fritz that I would still be going out to New York or Glimmerglass or maybe even Chicago occasionally for opera or whatever, but that I would always, always come home to him.

For dinner I made a chicken tagine with onions, garlic, chickpeas, cilantro, and parsley served over barley. Fritz made a cucumber in dilled sour cream salad that worked very well with the tagine spices (saffron, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, etc), and a maple mousse from syrup made from his own maple trees for dessert. My daughter had brought a crisp cabernet sauvignon to complete a great dinner.


We’re beginning preparations for our big four-day New Years party. We’re expecting to be 23 altogether, although not everybody will be here all the time. This party is one of the great highlights of our year and a perfect way to end one year and see in a new one. IF the heat is functional tomorrow, as we are told it should be, we’ll have everybody up to the house for one of the activities over the weekend—a great way to inaugurate the place!

four days?! you two sure know how to live.
our neigbhors have a red tagine but i have never heard them using it; i sense they don't know how!
Hey Will,

I'm curious, why did you go with blueboard and plaster as opposed to regular drywall? It sounds more labor intensive, so I'm guessing it wasn't an economical decision... is it a greener product? More durable perhaps?
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