Friday, November 30, 2007

There was a brilliant sunrise here in southern NH this morning. The sky was mostly clear with a few stratus clouds poised low in the sky providing a palette for the sun to splash color.

It began with a classic “red sky in the morning: sailor take warning” deep, intense crimson at the horizon, set off by a robin’s egg blue sky rising to teal. The whole thing was impossibly, almost vulgarly Technicolor but absolutely magnificent. Crimson gave way to orange with the clouds, streaked across it, bright gold. Very slowly the whole ensemble went through various shades of flame, amber and apricot before settling down to a pale straw color and then it was simply day and the show was over.

We’ve taken to leaving the shades up on our bedroom’s south-facing windows. There are no privacy issues and the sunrises are just too good to miss.


Up at the new house, the insulators are stretching a pressed mesh made of some artificial fiber over the studs on all exterior walls and various ceilings preparatory to blowing in a high R rating insulation early next week. As soon as they’re finished, the wallboarding and plastering will begin.

Fritz and I are keeping a careful eye on details of the electrical work before the walls are sealed up because we have an electrician who may well be a good worker and a fine technician, but who has a very low aesthetic sense. He doesn’t quite grasp the concept of centering hanging fixtures in spaces that were designed along obvious axes, even when the drawings are very clear that a pendant light is to be centered on an entrance door. He finds the nearest joist that’s more or less in the general area, installs the electrical box and that’s that. The under-soffit lights were planned to be in a particular symmetrical relationship to the main entrance door and its two sidelights; They currently bear no logical relationship to the door or to each other.

Some things we have been able to get changed (like the electrical feed into the sauna being placed on the wrong wall), but some we may just have to accept. All the under-soffit V-groove pine plank has been installed and ripping it all out now is not something any of us wants to do.

Anyway, here are the latest pictures, taken yesterday:

Façade of the great room. All exterior trim that’s exposed to the elements is cedar.

Jean, our very French-Canadian siding crew chief, working on the house’s main entrance and the windows of the master bedroom.


We’ll be down in Boston for the weekend for a family wedding. One of Fritz’s nephews is getting married at a little Catholic church in the Back Bay, with reception/dinner Saturday evening and brunch Sunday morning at the Harvard Club. My beloved Quaker husband and I, happily lapsed Catholic that I am, will have to experience the full-length nuptial mass with all the trimmings before we get to the champagne and [hopefully] haute cuisine.

I’m going to try to find something respectable to cover my toes where they stick out of the cast. The rather dog-eared airline socks that currently keep them warm aren’t in the same fashion league as the rest of this event.

Speaking of fashion, I'm wearing a terra cotta-colored shirt I bought at Zara in Spain, a woven and embroidered Nepalese vest, and dark burnt umber slacks--all very late fall colors. The tie is still somewhat up in the air. And no suit jacket, ever!

send me the dimensions and i will knit you a cast sock! no really!
I'd go to the big shin-dig with the toe covered in the sock...just to stir things up a little. The sunrise sounds absolutely fabulous. Have you seen my sunrise pics from yesterday morning? Sending you guys WARM greetings.
Lewis--Yes, I did. If I didn't leave you a comment on how beautiful they were, I meant to. Great stuff.

SoGal--That's so lovely of you, thanks! What kind of dimensions? In all my years designing for theater, I've never done a costume fitting for a foot in a cast!

think of its as a large sock - i would need the length of the outside of the cast (from heel to toe) and then the width or circumference probably would be easier. and then a height - if you measure from the bottom of the heel of the cast to how high you need it to be that should be fine.

lets start with those...

also color preference...
oh and one more = from the toe edge of the cast along the top of the cast to where it curves (at your ankle).

have fun measuring! ;o (a soft measuring tape is best for this kind).
Wow! You really LIVE your life. I LOVE that!!!

Your description of the sunrise reminded me of the beautiful one I witnessed this AM (Sat., 12/1) while I was typing in the wee hours of the morning about my upcoming day maintaining a tradition of cutting my own Christmas tree.

To top things off, I ended up playing my first 'live' gig at the drummer's 50th birthday party. We were a hit. I'm hooked! I CAN be a front man after all.

Anyway, you'll slam 'em at the wedding. The house is looking awesome. (And, I've done the 'self' General Contractor thing and it can be a bear! (BTW, LOVE Bears!!!)

I digress, but my main point is: your an inspiration. Enjoy!
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