Friday, October 26, 2007

The seventh veil has been dropped. Yesterday evening we went up to look at the house at the end of the day. Structural work on the roof was finished and it was sheathed with a tough, nylon-reinforced plastic rain guard material. The big blue tarp was finally gone, and while there are still some few details to add under the eaves, the shape of the house is now complete.

All the rough framing for the windows is done, so we now know exactly what our views will look like. The windows themselves won’t go in until after the roofers have completed their work, and they’re expected to begin today. One of these shots shows that you can stand outside the big great room windows and look straight through the house to the cliff behind the kitchen dining area.

View out the great room windows.

View when standing in the kitchen, at the place where the stove will be.

View from outside through the entire downstairs and out the back of the house.

Exterior, seen from the southwest . . . .

. . . . and from the east.


I seem to be something of a natural archivist. This has good and bad manifestations. For one thing, I collect stuff. Not baseball cards, match boxes, souvenir spoons, or things like that, but bits of interesting carved woodwork or antique drawer pulls that I may some day actually use in projects like a piece of furniture that I restore. After a while this stuff really piles up. I said a fond farewell to a lot of it when I sold the house in Boston and moved.

The other manifestation is that I have every program for every performance of a play, musical, concert, dance performance or opera that I’ve ever seen, arranged chronologically. I also keep a performance log on my computer, alphabetically by name of the composer, then chronologically by date of performance, including the name of the producing company and the performers. I have no formal training, so I’ve developed my own notational system as I’ve gone along. Here’s a sample:

Monteverdi, Claudio

5/23/81 BEMF MS McCarthy,Bryant,Larson,Sorensen,Gall,DeVoll,Maddelena,Struss; Pearlman
7,30,94 GLIM Hanchard, Pancella, Oswald, Daniels, Asawa, Pauley; Glover
6,25,00 CEMF T Larsen, Holland, Apestegui, Oliver, Newman, Roth; Reber
10,27,00 BB Lovat, Gilbert, Baker, Meek, Mehta, Smith; Pearlman

The codes indicate the producing organization (BEMF is Boston Early Music Festival, BB is Boston Baroque) and the MS indicates that it’s a production for which I designed the scenery. Given my writing of reviews, lectures and articles on opera, this archive has been something to which I’ve referred with surprising frequency. That 1994 Glimmerglass production of Monteverdi's Poppea marked the great breakthrough performance by American counternor David Daniels that propelled him into stardom.

I also keep the grand totals, which now amount to 804 performances of 334 operas and 17 major vocal works (oratorios, etc) by 140 composers. Those totals each go up by two this weekend when I see two contemporary operas (The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Michael Nyman and Hostage by Samuel Hedrick) at the Boston University Fringe Festival.

Have a great weekend!

thanks for the idea for the performance log - i set up an excel spreadsheet and started entering my last year of performances. its great to see it all there in one place!

Congrats on getting the house to this stage - what a wonderful story this has been !
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Your house just keeps getting more stunning! Your kitchen window and view is gorgeous. I get excited just seeing these pictures ...I can only just imagine how you and Fritz must feel as it takes shape!
I've been following progress on the house and I must say it looks just spectacular. I'm jealous :-) Please keep us informed, I can't wait to see it all finished!
have a good weekend yourself
Wow. That trio of ogee arches is really nice. And the views look really stupendous. How exciting for you guys!
SoGal--I'm happy if something I wrote about could be an inspiration or a help.

Nicky--we ARE excited and also a bit frustrated as the roofing keeps being put off day by day. No it's that they'll be there Tuesday. It's like Monsieur Godot in Becket's play: "not today but surely tomorrow."

spo--I really hope to meet you some day--you come across as a really nice guy. Thanks, I did.

Scooby and Sam--delighted to have you guys back here and commenting. I know you've both gone through some version if my house building and it's nice to have you tracking my experience.
I think my partner still has programs from concerts he attended during the mesozoic era. Drives me nuts.

But on the plus side, I suppose, after you're gone, it'll give your daughters something to throw away.
Wow, the house is really coming along nicely. It looks like an architectural gem. I love it!

How about those Red Sox??
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