Friday, October 12, 2007


Al Gore: Nobel Peace Prize, 2007

The man who would be president in 2000, who SHOULD have been president in 2000, has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work, along with a UN Committee, on Global Warming. The announcement came through this morning on the early TV news shows and is one more indication, if ANY more be needed, of how pitiful a travesty of the presidency is the current incumbent.

While Bozo was assuring us all that there was no such thing as global warming, even as the Arctic ice sheet was disappearing and England becoming a great place to grow grapes for wine, Al Gore was working to do something for humanity other than destroying it. Congratulations, Mr. Gore! In terms of real achievement, you tower over the pigmy who robbed you--and us who gave you the popular vote--of a literate, thoughtful statesman as President of the United States of America.


You may remember that some while I wrote about a pretty major chandelier (seen here tied for safety and ease of transportation) that I'd been given and had gratefully accepted, to hang in the great room of the new house. At that time it was missing all its crystals and Fritz and I are pretty sure that we'll tread very cautiously in replacing them. We may even decide to have no crystals at all, in the spirit of the clean, unornamented style of the house’s architecture and finishing details.

However, there was one crystal feature that did exist although it hadn’t come with the chandelier when I picked it up—a faceted glass obelisk-shaped spike intended to rise from the base of the chandelier. The guys who’d salvaged the fixture and offered it to me dubbed this piece “The crystal dildo,” and one of them had kept it, even after the chandelier itself had been given to me, for unknown reasons that sparked a lot of ribald comment.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, at long last, the TCD was given to me and I’m sorry to say that it’s a rather more modestly sized bit of ornament than the nickname suggests. It will work with the piece beautifully and probably be the only crystal ornament we’ll use. But as I think you can see from the photo, our big, great room-sized chandelier is going to be hung more like a gnat than a horse.


I have no idea whether this is a legitimate Absolut ad or not and couldn't care less; it's enough to make you take up a lifetime of vodka martinis. Enjoy, and have a very happy weekend!

I don't know if this ad ever actually ran in a magazine, but the guy is the fictional character, Smith, from Sex and the City.

He was a guy that Samantha took a liking to after he was her waiter at a raw food restaurant. He became her project, determined to make him a famous actor and he became the Absolut Hunk along the way.

It was a very cute storyline.
Will, I really can't imagine ANYONE taking a liking to that young man, can you? :-)
More skin!!

Thanks for the lickable pic to spice up your posts about joists, concrete and chandeliers. I can just see him naked on a swing in your great room.

And, by the way, today is the ninth anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard... I comment on it only so that we don't forget.
I'll have two of what he's having.

And somehow, national coming out day went by without me coming out to anyone. I guess standing up at Carnegie Hall and telling the audience at Kiri's Farewell, "yo, like, I'm gay," would have been a bit much.
it is always newsworthy and a pleasure to read your blog
I LOVE that chandelier! It's gorgeous ... almost as gorgeous as Mr. Absolut!

Oh, and I had a little Al Gore Nobel Prize celebration ... pumped my fist and did a little dance. Imagine if he HAD been allowed to keep the presidency that also became an "inconvenient truth"!?
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