Sunday, October 21, 2007

I found this site yesterday by the usual route, hopping from blog to blog, checking out interesting-looking links. Saturnalia features homoerotic poetry and vignettes by Doug Smith celebrating men’s bodies and sexual liaisons. Smith is a serious writer, not a pornographer (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but his imagery is vividly and quite positively sexual. Named for an old Roman New Year’s fertility festival, Saturnalia can be visited at:


It’s just after 6pm and the Body Electric group is going into a processing session prior to the farewells and everybody returning to the outside world. It was a small group this time, so we got to know several of the participants very well during mealtimes and other breaks. One man, a Radical Faerie and an architect, was anxious to see the new house, so I took a small group up to the site and gave a tour. Another, a Texan from Austin arrived early (Thursday) and is staying over until Tuesday due to the vagaries of airline scheduling. We’re having a great deal of fun with him and will cap an important day for the house tomorrow by going out to dinner with him at our favorite Japanese steak and fish house.

Tomorrow is the day we drive down to IKEA and buy all our kitchen cabinets. I worked out the measurements twice (two old carpenters’ sayings: 1) measure twice, cut once; 2) measure once, curse twice), have a coherent list of all the many different units and accessories we’ll need, and we’re ready to go. Target date for delivery is November just before Thanksgiving, which is when the new appliances are also to be delivered—just one month away.


We were very happy that when the guys arrived this weekend the autumn color was just at peak here in the Manchester/Raymond area. These shots were taken around noon and just before sunset and give some idea of the depth and richness of the color in the big sugar maples that surround the Center.

Nice pics. My parents are visiting my sister and her family in Boston and were up our way over the weekend to do some leaf peeping. We got some great pics, too. Oh yeah, Chris & I think IKEA is the most awesome store.
Thanks for the link to Saturnalia!

Love the poem up top right now:


I will take you, he said, but then he didn’t so I take you instead:

You with your eyes full of yeses,

You taste of regret and neglect,

You’re creamy with compromise,

Made to order,

So I do."

Excellent sexy and thoughtful content with a delightful verbal twist at the end!
We're going on a "Fall Foliage Cruise" Sunday. I hope we get pretty colors, too! Thanks for sharing your pretty colors!
thank you for the fall colour photos.
i miss the autumn.
Thanks for the kind remarks and the link to Saturnalia, Will. And thanks to Mark for your kind remarks as well. I haven't posted much there, most of my writing is at my fiction blog Carnivale ( but eventually I'll get back to doing more poetry, I'm sure. Thanks again, guys!
Thank you for the the foliage photos. Living in Houston, we never see colors like that because we only have two seasons: Summer and August!
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