Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to Nicky of Cooper’s Corridor! He’s celebrating this year for the first time as the father of two adorable boys, Dario and Matteo.

I found Nicky’s blog earlier this year and was caught immediately by the quality of his writing, observances of the nature round him and of the human condition that were deeply personal and astonishingly poetic. When the boys came into his life, we had some big things in common, as I’d raised two adopted daughters as a single father. He’s beginning a huge commitment, an all-consuming experience and, if he’s as lucky as I was, a great and joyous adventure.

These pictures of the boys are from the blog. I doubt that any gift he will be given or any wishes he could receive will come close to the presence of these two beautiful children who came into his life this year. But for what it’s worth, best and warmest wishes for health, happiness, love and laughter on your birthday and throughout the year.


After a couple of days lying fallow, there was a lot of activity going on at the house site. The Public Service crew arrived at 8:30, about four months late. We’d done all the paperwork over a year ago to make sure everything would be ahead of schedule if at all possible. I paid the $2,750 or whatever the fee was in the spring. Nothing happened, except a bunch of conflicting information leading to a complete screw-up, which caused the project to be kicked upstairs to a supervisor, who came to take over the project and finally things began to move.

The guys who arrived today installed the big transformer up by the house, pulled the cable through the conduit from the pole on my property up to the transformer, then installed the cable from it to the circuit breaker panel in the mechanical room. At which point they left without the final step, which is bringing the power from the pole on the street to the pole on my property, just twenty feet in.

While this was going on the insulators arrived to spray foam insulation on top of the great room pine plank ceiling between the roof joists. And while THAT was going on the excavator arrived to dig up the leach field area for installation of the septic system. Strange the things that excite one sometimes


I’m polishing the text for my second and last appearance on Wednesday at Greenfield Community College for the Mozart Symposium I'm giving. After that, we’ll hit the road for a couple of days to get some things started on the interior of the house. We’ll go north to Cape Neddick, Maine to a place that specializes in the rewiring of antique lighting fixtures to get my sconces and hanging fixtures ready for installation. Then early next week we head down to Stoughton just south of Boston to IKEA to order our kitchen cabinetry and closet storage system. And buy lots of IKEA food items!

The weather is just about perfect now—bright crisp days with the color in the trees ignited by the brilliant, clear fall light. It’s my favorite time of year.

my ancestral blood seems to boil a bit at this time of year; i want to be in NE at autumn time.
We have made the hajj to Ikea in Montreal and New Haven but were totally preoccupied with other things when Stoughton opened, which was odd since Cambridge is relatively so near. The cafeteria and food stuffs are certainly among the high points of the visit: I remember making a brief video of our lunch there. Urspo, I bet you have a certain set of readers in New England. Should we mail you some leaves?
Thank you, Will. This was awfully sweet of you! I am very moved. My friends are throwing us a joint adoption celebration and birthday party today, and I hope there will be chocolate cake! I have that excited-anticipatory night-before- Christmas feeling right now.

I love Ikea food ... especially the meatballs and lingonberry sauce. I didn't realise you could buy frozen versions to take home!
I love Ikea kitchens and lingonberry preserves. Makes great Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
I'm sorry to have to pass this on, but I must. Your friend is most likely not who you think he is.
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