Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'm on my way to New York City in half an hour, but we got lucky today and arrived on the site just in time to see the first of the big trusses for the cathedral ceiling lifted over the great room and dropped into place. The horizontal beam is 26 feet long and the height of the truss at the peak is just about seven feet. Some shots taken from another camera showing the procedure from the roof of our bedroom should be available for posting soon.

I'm seeing "Margaret Garner" at New York City opera tonight, set to an adaptation of Toni Morrison's "Beloved." The story deals with a historical pre-Civil War) slave woman who killed her child rather than see it grow up in slavery. Her trial was largely taken up with the issue of whether the crime was murder (the killing of a person) or theft (taking of a piece pf property--the child--away from the slave owner). Garner was sentenced to hang. In the opera, the owner arrives just before the hanging with orders from the governor to stay the execution and turn Margaret over to him--she then pulls the lever herself and dies a suicide by hanging rather than return to slavery.

It's not your usual operatic plot. It should be extremely interesting. Comment and maybe pictures to follow.

The house is coming along so well, it must be incredibly exiting!

I saw the film "Beloved" which I am sure is quite different than the opera, but even so it was very moving.
Murder, death sentences, female slaves killing yourself in the face of imminent capture. Nope, nothing operatic about any of that.
The house is looking great, I hope to see it someday.

The opera sounds wonderful.
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OK. Whatever! You know what got me? The raspberries and the potential Christmas tree. Lovely and wonder-filled. Thanks! Mmm!
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