Wednesday, August 29, 2007

There are two planted areas, one lining the south and the other lining the north of Fritz’s wing of the house. Both have become overgrown during the years but each contains some wonderful plants and trees. A couple of days ago I played hooky from what I really should have been doing and began to hack my way through them. In all I spent four to five hours and had the most enjoyable afternoon I’ve passed in a long time.

There were challenges—a thirty-five foot sumac tree that should have been taken out when it was a sapling, a twenty foot maple that was sandwiched in between two hemlocks and virtually invisible, a variety of opportunistic vines, many heavily thorned. There were surprises—lilacs that were being smothered, a flagpole that had become completely engulfed, lovely beds of flowering myrtle that were being covered up by all kinds of underbrush.

At my house in Boston I had landscaped extensively and enjoyed my blueberries, gooseberries and two handsome holly bushes, one male and the other female so that I got lots and lots of berries for holiday decorating. But this is different. We have our own small orchard here, from which Fritz makes peach, pear, and rhubarb preserves, apple pies and apple sauce, and I make sorbet. All my “Italian gentleman farmer” instincts are coming out and getting fulfilled. Living here full time is a lot different from visiting, even visiting as often as possible as I did prior to the permanent move in mid-July—and we’re enjoying being together full time enormously.

The new house has grown upward in the area where it is two storied. Work should begin on the big pyramidal roof tomorrow. When that’s done, the roofs will start to grow outward over the great room and the master bedroom wing.

Wow, you are really living the life - I'm a bit jealous! Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself. :)
Hurry, hurry! Winter's coming.
I'm anxiously awaiting the next update!
The house looks like it is going to be beautiful!

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