Friday, August 03, 2007

My oldest (in terms of duration—we’re both the same age) friend sent me a couple of questions the other day of which this is one—my answer follows:

Why can't we impeach Cheney/Bush?

Because no matter what their failures/crimes, I feel certain the Republicans in the House/Senate would do everything possible to prevent that total cataclysm for the Party and for their own re-elections. Also, Congress's approval rating with the American people is now down right in the same territory as Bush's. I suspect that for Congress to interrupt whatever little it's getting accomplished for an impeachment that would probably take almost as long as the remaining time to the next election (when we'll be rid of that scum anyway) would NOT be popular. America wants Congress to heal the wounds, not look for revenge.

And that's what I want, too, frankly. We're in an enormous mess, and the point that America and its infrastructure are being neglected criminally for this damned war came home forcefully last evening when the highway bridge fell apart in Minneapolis. Just my view of things.


The general contractor has revised the cost of the completed building down about $40,000 because prices are dropping rapidly on building materials as new house constructions dry up. And the materials suppliers are willing to make deals with contractors beyond their own reduced prices because they're desperate to do business. What this does is make up for a lot of the reduction in the selling price of my house, and guarantees that I'll have a fair amount of money left for finishing details and some outbuildings (a screened-in gazebo and a big garden equipment and storage shed) that I've dreamed of from the beginning.

The plumber didn’t come today to begin laying out the heating pipes for the slab, so the pouring probably won’t happen until the middle of next week. I can deal. Things are progressing well on other fronts so a couple of day’s delay isn’t a big disappointment. The plumber is quite a character, by the way, with a wicked dry humor, and a lot of delightfully snarky asides that he just lets drop under his breath.

So far, I’ve gotten to know and like all the sub-contractors, something I think is really important. It’s also very pleasant visually. The actual subs are generally middle-aged guys, generally in good shape. But they tend to have hot young assistants, sometimes a whole crew of young assistants, who lose their shirts early in the day and keep them off until quitting time.

Yes, I’m slime--and proud of it.


I spent the morning down in Boston today visiting Massachusetts College of Art (hereafter MassArt) whose theater will be the site of the opera company’s September premiere of the latest commission. Thomas Oboe Lee, a noted contemporary composer who has a position at Harvard, is writing an opera based on the story of Arthur Inman, one of Boston’s storied and genuine eccentrics.

Inman went to ground in a Copley Square residential hotel in 1919 and became progressively more and more reclusive as time went on, never setting foot outside his apartment and eventually shuttling between bed and a wheel chair. His life may seem a strange topic for an opera but Inman left volumes and volumes of diaries, a recapturing of time past that makes Marcel Proust look like a scribbler of memos by comparison. Inman died not too long after the Kennedy assassination, so that means over forty years of his observations that range from the blatantly pornographic (young women who were hired to read for him frequently provided other services as well) to the seriously offensive (he had some typical of the times racial prejudices) to the extremely acute politically. Whatever else he may have been, Arthur Inman was a keen observer and highly literate commentator.

Inman’s wife remained with him more or less to the end although he eventually installed her in an adjoining apartment from which she consoled herself via a long affair with her husband’s married doctor. He eventually purchased all the other apartments that adjoined theirs, effectively isolating himself from any noise of human activity. The opera is in two acts and has a classic structure; the first half sees Inman increasing the number of people willing to come into his secluded circle, while the second half finds him being progressively abandoned until there’s nothing left but a single bullet to the head.

The technical staff at MassArt couldn’t have been more helpful. The theater is a bit dead acoustically, but words project clearly--without a lot of natural reverb, and we get use of a good stock of lighting equipment and platforms. We also get to rehearse in the space—a huge advantage--and the loading access is some of the best we’ve ever had. I came away with lots of photos of the space, and good drawings of the stage that I supplemented with sketches and measurements of the auditorium. J, the company’s founder, director and leading baritone and I left the building today after our meeting very happy men.

Dear One Who Watches Young Men With Their Shirts Off: You're a pervert, you are. (I think that any of us would do the same thing....)
The Bush/Cheney thing: The congress can't even pass Democratic-sponsored bills right now....there's no way they'd pass anything that's so really, truly controversial like impeachment. As much as we all hate it and may want it, you're right -- it just wouldn't happen.
Happy $$$$ news on the house front! That's really excellent. And you deserve it, after the tough year you've been through.
what wonderful $ news - and those special buildings sound like the perfect place to spend it!

isnt' glimmerglass on the horizon soon?

some of us would LOVE to see photos of those young men - just saying! (share and share alike right?)
But they tend to have hot young assistants, sometimes a whole crew of young assistants, who lose their shirts early in the day and keep them off until quitting time.

Yes, I’m slime--and proud of it.

I keep telling Moe we need to have some work done on the house or at least hire some landscapers for the exact same reason.

fellow slime here
that bit about healing/not revenge was very nice; I have been trying to put those thoughts into words myself- thank you for doing so.
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