Friday, August 31, 2007

From the Greenfield Community College’s Senior Symposia catalog, Fall 2007:

The Real Mozart?
Instructor, Will F______

One of the seminal composers in western music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been portrayed as angelic prodigy, Dresden china courtier, and braying idiot. Can the real Mozart be documented?

Illustrated by video and audio excerpts, this two-session symposium will focus on the composer’s iconic operatic output, placing it in the turbulent context of his historical period. We’ll examine how his life as a child phenomenon, role as “inventor” of the modern musician, revolutionary sentiments, and position in Vienna’s “New Hope” Lodge of Freemasons affected his pivotal role in opera’s transition from the Baroque to the Romantic Style. We’ll sample and discuss rarely heard operas from Mozart’s adolescence, the great late masterpieces, and the under-appreciated opera-serias from his prime, “Idomeneo” and “La Clemenza di Tito.”

William F_____ is Emeritus Professor of Music and Theater Arts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Wednesdays: October 10 and 17, 2-4pm


We’re beginning our annual Work and Play Labor Day Weekend tonight. We’ll be taking down all the trees that have to be cleared for the leach field for the new house’s septic system; taking up one old rug in an small conference room in the Center and replacing it with another; and there’ll be a lot of cutting and splitting wood that had been cut last year and left to season to burn in the wood stoves this winter. At night there’ll be the hot tub (we can’t have a Sweat for the boys this time because the woods are dry and wilting from the lack of rain and weeks of punishing heat—the fire to heat the rocks would be hazardous), DVDs and self-made music, games and, doubtless, some horsing around of the kind gay men do when they get together.


Here’s the latest phase of construction—the big roof is going up.

A very happy, fun-filled weekend to you all!!
Will and Fritz

The symposium sounds great. By the by, I love both the operas you mentioned. I am very excited for you with the progress on the house. You will have to give me the low down on the lecture series the next time I see you. Have a safe and happy holiday, Will!
Will, I hope you and Fritz had a great Holiday weekend also, btw your house looks fabulous!
happy weekend to you too
poor mr. mozart-lost in all the hype and legend.
still, his music is wonderful.
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