Friday, July 27, 2007

This one will be mostly visual, a history of the construction of the concrete components of the new house. These pictures are the ones chosen yesterday morning for submission to the consulting engineer and the building inspector to demonstrate the presence of steel reinforcement in the concrete.

Frames for the footings. This one is for the pier at the west corner of the master bedroom.

Footings poured for the front of the house, including the west corner pier of the great room (foreground) and the west corner of the master bedroom (Background).

Footing for the back wall, looking west. The second blast cleared out rock twenty feet or so behind this footing.

Forms set for pouring the back wall of the house and parts of the side walls—the walls that will have earth bermed up to them.

View from outside our bedroom across the front of the house. In the background, a form is in place to pour the top of the great room’s east corner pier.

All the vertical concrete completed, waterproofed and insulated. This shot was taken Wednesday night.

I haven’t heard what the engineer’s and the building inspector’s reactions are to these photos but M tells me that they should be close to conclusive that proper concrete reinforcement procedures were followed. Everybody thinks that the pouring of the upper section of the piers was pretty crude (last photo foreground, in particular) but crude can be solved by a little grinding and crude doesn’t necessarily mean structurally unsound.

Yesterday and today the bed is being prepared for the house drains and the heating pipes that will be encased in the slab, and the plumbing could start going in immediately after that. Pouring the slab--the last of the concrete work--should happen Tuesday of next week, weather permitting.


Wednesday night while watching something on television, I felt an irritation in the inside of my left elbow and looked down to see an infinitesimal brown tick just beginning to burrow in. I got a metal nail file and grasped the tick between it and my index finger nail. He hadn't gotten in too deep, but it was still a bit of a job to get him pulled out. Fritz had a ziplock bag and we dropped it in.

The tick is very small--literally the size of the head of a pin--and brown. Fritz is quite sure it's a deer tick, the type that can carry lyme disease. I called my new doctor (I'd gotten established with an excellent area HMO a couple of months ago so I'd be covered as soon as I moved up here) and I have an appointment later this morning. Lyme disease is such a concern here that they want to check me out right away and they were delighted that I had the tick. They send ticks that people bring them for testing and track the disease's appearances throughout the state.

This is one of the lesser joys of country life!

thanks for sharing the photos - what a thrill and joy it must be to see the fruition of your dreams and designs!

oh dear good luck with the tick...fingers crossed!
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