Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This is going to be relatively short as the days are very few between now and the arrival of the movers, and particularly because the closing has been moved up from the 12th in the afternoon to the 11th in the morning. After doing business here this morning, I'll take a Jeepload of things, mostly electronics and kitchen items, up to New Hampshire. When I come back, Fritz will be with me for a couple of days to help get the rest packed up and ready to go.

He'll also be digging up some lily of the valley, iris and day lillies to plant temporarily before they get moved next spring into place at the new house. I found this house with almost nothing on the land but grass and I've landscaped it nicely. We both want to bring some pips, corms and crowns up with us to start off the planting at the new house. I have no intention of introducing grass or a lawn on that hillside, but there will be some careully planned plantings, probably in raised beds defined by, what else?--rock taken from the vast piles left over from the blasting.

The emotional impact of all this hasn't really hit yet. Wherever I look in this house there are memories of my daughters, who grew up here from the moment they arrived from Korea to the time when they went off on their own to college, first jobs and making their own lives. I suppose I'll have a let-down once the heavy work of getting packed and moved is over and I'm in the five month or so interim period between moving to Fritz's and then finally moving into the new house. During that time, the vast majority of my stuff will have to remain packed in cartons, and I'll need to find ways to carry on preparing for speaking engagements and the occasional opera design without all the normal resources.


Alan, thanks for tagging me--I'll work on it ASAP--I actually like doing those things. Early next week my ability to blog may be reduced, but I'll try to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Happy 4th of July to you all!

first time visitor here, just got caught up on the blog. Hope your move went well, hang in there. stop by and say hi sometime
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