Saturday, July 07, 2007

There have been times during the entire house sale and moving process when I've felt like the heroine of the old silent movie cliff-hanger serial "The Perils of Pauline." In spite of planning ahead, beginning the packing and transportation of goods and small furniture months ago, and all the foresight I could summon, a lot has been going wrong.

The most recent things were this last week. The code on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors has tightened in the past few years and my realtor gave me a list of the number of each and location where they should be installed so I could get the certificate required next Wednesday for the closing. I followed his list and the manufacturer's instructions on how the CO detectors should be installed (I already had several smoke detectors but added a couple)--and failed the inspection on Thursday. The inspector would not allow any placement of a CO detector other than on a plaster wall (not on wood and not standing on any surface, both of which were virtually recommended by the instructions). So, I will reinstall today. Luckily I was able to get a new inspection appointment on Tuesday (day before closing) or the closing wouldn't have happened. Fritz keeps reminding me to breathe.

Some months ago a friend slammed the back hatch of my Jeep closed on a piece of rope and the lock jammed. I finally got it open with a lot of help but it's been touch and go ever since. I found a way of working it so that it would lock for security and release when needed but yesterday between my house and Fritz's with a full load, it decided to jam. As it happened, everything I had inside was (just) able to get out via the side door because I couldn't open it on arrival. The last two loads will be difficult but I should be able to make it through. This complication I really didn't need in my life at this point in time.

On a far more positive note, Atari's holding a back yard barbeque for Anthony (GayProf) and me tomorrow afternoon in the yard behind his house in Jamaica Plain. Anthony and I are both leaving Boston within two weeks of each other, although I'll be back as a visitor for performances, museum exhibits and two productions a year with Intermezzo, the opera company I design for. Anthony's going much further afield, but to a great job that he's looking forward to, which is great news and very well deserved.

The next couple of days will be a bit of a scramble but i'll try to post progress reports. Oh, yes--preparations for the new blasting of ledge on the house site have been made but the actual blasting hasn't yet happened. I don't know what the delay is but I hope they'll get it done on Monday and that the pouring of the shell of the first floor of the house can begin soon.

Life is just full of setbacks sometimes. The barbecue sounds fabulous.

Rock ledge blasting? I guess they don't call it the Granite State for nothing!
You know of course what SNAFU stands for! It is suppose to be a very lucky day today, being 7/7/7 so I will hope that everything will resolve itself.

The barbeque sounds great! Have a great time.
Not being there, not knowing conditions and not knowing your consultants, just make sure the next blasting does not bother newly poured concrete--if this is shallow, newly poured footing for a more complex struture, make sure the blasting (compression) does not destroy integrity of the recent pour. Loss of integrity may not be visible.
forget breathing... FUCK MORE!
Re: the jeep's gate lock - I had a similar problem, but found that by holding the latch about halfway open, and turning the key simultaneously, the gate would open. Maybe not on the first try, tho.

Good luck in finishing the move!
Thanks, Michael--
I'm trying everything I can think of. In the past when it has jammed, I can get it to open in one try out of maybe 99. I'm not giving up but it severely limits my ability to load cargo as you must know if you've had the same problem.
thank you for the update, as always.
Boo hoo. Setbacks are a real bitch. And inspectors are never pleasant to work with....rarely, anyway. Wish I were there for the BBQ. Would you believ that Atari and I were in the very same party in San Francisco....but I don't recall that we formally, actually, met. I can't believe that.
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