Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday night, and the movers are due at 8:30 tomorrow morning. I'm ready for them but NOT for a "walk-through" of the house Wednesday morning at 9:30 before the 10:30 closing. My realtor failed to inform me of this practice until yesterday. I'd been looking forward to a quiet Wednesday morning when I'd do my final vacuuming of the floors and kiss the place good-bye and that would be that. Fritz. bless him, will come back to Roslindale with me tomorrow afternon and help me do the final sweeping and cleaning.

Yesterday afternoon and evening Atari hosted a farewell dinner (with drinks, including my first margarita ever) for GayProf and me. In attendance also was the irrepressible Stevie from Chaos with his adorable twelve week old Jack Russell terrier puppy. I got there just after 3pm, the others were present before 4 and the next time I looked at my watch it was 10:30. The party just flew by. Atari cooked (excellently) on the grille and we ate in the back garden of the house he shares with two other guys one of whom worked with his mother to turn the garden in to a showplace thet got one of Mayor Tom Menino's awards for a beautiful property. There was a big rain storm (we just moved the table under the second floor deck), the wine kept on appearing in our glasses and I discovered I really like margaritas. Good drinks, good talk and great men--a superb evening.


As I turned into the driveway of Fritz's place early this afternoon, I encountered the drillers who had just finished the holes for tomorrow's second and (hopefully) final blast. Maybe I'll be on the property to hear it go off. After that, the final concrete will be poured and then it's on to framing in all the walls and roofbeams. We progress!

Best wishes for the move! I can't believe it's finally here. Seems like just yesterday about the planning, preparing, selling, etc. So glad you guys had a great time together.
but was it a 'proper' margarita, and how did you like it?
It was one half ounce tequila, one half ounce Grand Marnier and three ounces of lime juice served over crushed ice. It went down SO easily. I have no idea how "proper" it was but I liked it a LOT!
We got word of the farewell dinner, but not soon enough to back out of another commitment. Glad you guys had a nice time. fun!
I was glad to have you over and hope we'll still get to see you again from time to time.

Plus now I have some experience cooking for multiple people. Might make it easier should I consider doing the same for the larger blogger group in New England.

Good luck with your final stages in moving.
can't believe the realtor didn't inform you of the walkthrough. The buyer always has that right just in case something catastrophic happens. It's almost over........
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