Friday, June 01, 2007

There was a middling amusing movie from the early 70s called "If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium." Bob Dishy, Susanne Pleshette and Patricia Routledge, as I recall. Anyway, that's what I'm feeling like at the moment--if I can't look it up in my schedule book, I have no idea where I am or what I'm supposed to be doing. There's just so much going on.

Recently, it's very good news. The "For Sale" part of the sign on my front fence has been replaced by "Sale Pending." And that shouldn't be there long as the Purchase and Sale Agreement is supposed to be signed later this afternoon, allowing another change to "Sold." The young man who's buying the house (and who I'm pretty sure is gay) has said he trusts me completely to clean up a couple of items, most of which I've taken care of already, so the process is mellowing out.

Wednesday morning very early I had two guys from my plumber come to repair a part of the hundred and forty-seven year old cast iron main drain that runs through my basement. A couple of hairline cracks had developed in two of the elbows. The house inspector found them and my buyer, not unreasonably, wanted them replaced. In walked two young men and the first thing I thought was "this looks like the beginning of every cliché porn flick." M, the slightly older guy in charge was my type down to his work boots--shaved head, a couple of tattoos showing just below the hem of his short sleeves, shadow of a goatee, twinkle in the eye and a wicked sense of humor. His assistant was a close-cropped redhead (and I've always had a weakness for redheads). They did a great job, quick and neat as a pin, and the three of us did a lot of joking around as I suddenly found myself having to do a considerable amount of packing and cleanup in the basement. Two and a half hours flew by, I was charged considerably less than I'd expected and they became a happy memory.

Yesterday morning I sat with my financial advisor at Merrill Lynch downtown and we crunched the numbers on my retirement income. As I've mentioned before, I've been a real workhorse in my life. Wherever I've been based, I've always taken in free-lance work and for two thirds of my MIT career, I held a part time position running the stage for a private school in the area that not only got me my daughters' educations for a minute fraction of the actual cost, but gave me the money I needed for their college. And it got me a second pension, while all the extra Social Security payments got me a very hefty benefit.

So after an hour of discussing the pros and cons of various approaches, we made some decisions and the result is that I will retire on almost exactly double my final annual salary at MIT. When I left the building I called Fritz immediately (we talk several times a day usually, but this was special) and gave him the news. A lot, and I mean A LOT of travel and other experiences we want to share once we're together forever will be possible--even easy--to manage. And the plan is set up to allow regular cost-of –living upgrades to the bottom line.

Tomorrow I'll leave Boston early in the morning and go up to Fritz's with another big load in the Jeep. Moving as much as I can myself myself will keep the moving charges low, and is keeping me in very good shape.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

I'm confused. Do you feel like Bob Dishy, Susanne Pleshette, Patricia Routledge, or all three?

Congrats on the massive retirement income.
None of them--I was just riffing on the title of the movie--that the tour around Europe was so fast and hectic nobody knew where they were except by looking at the schedule.
"Sale Pending".....I thought we'd never see that day. Never. And I can't believe that you're doubling your money. That's amazing! And such an excellent example you've set for us all. I'm afraid most are not prepared. Good weekend to you guys.
My favorite from that obscure movie was the male lead, Ian McShane. He was quite the looker back in 1969. He still looks great, but he was clean-shaven and had that brooding dark-haired Brit look down cold.

Also featured were character actors Peggy Cass and Norman Fell who were two of my favorites. (Looking at the Mannequin Pee in Brussels Norman Fell says "I thought it would be bigger." Cass responses "Well he's just a little boy.") That was quite the risqué double-entendre for that time.

Always wanted to see a saucier, campier remake but alas, not so far. (The NBC-TV version doesn't count.)

When I call the plumber, they never send the Colt Models. I did luck out one time with the cable guy. Woof.

Congratulations on the retirement and the house sale. I know that must be a terrific burden lifted from your mind.

Good luck on moving to the Granite State.

-- Mike Prov------
COngratulations on the income--- that is really great!

Oh, and I am sure it was inadvertent, but you forgot the fudge in paragraph 3.
I am glad to here of the house sale.
I too use ML; I have a good man there and have been satisfied with ML.
I sat with my financial advisor at Merrill Lynch downtown and we crunched the numbers on my retirement income

This also could have been the start of a much less-cliched porn flick...

Congrats on the house!
Yay! For both things. So when the guys came in did you hear the "Ba Bow Chicka Wow Wow" music?
Wow! That's all such great news. That's especially amazing that you'll be able to retire in such great financial shape. Enjoy!
I love stories like that, makes me realize why I save the way I do.

I can't wait to read all the travel adventures you and Fritz will enjoy in the coming years.
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