Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I feel sorry for my cat these days. One by one all her little hidey holes and favorite places to curl up are disappearing from the house. I'm actually a bit ahead of schedule on packing things up, which was a big goal for me because I don’t want any mad scrambles at the end. My libraries of both books and music are all gone, stacked at Fritz's, along with all the art, more than half my kitchen and dining room stuff, and a significant pile of items specifically intended for a big yard sale this summer.

I've found Starr trying to get comfortable on surfaces and in places she'd never go before, looking perfectly miserable (cats suffer magnificently). I keep telling her that next winter she's going to have a whole new house to explore, rooms and rooms that don't yet have her mark on them. But it's small consolation. I think that when she finds out the first floor of the new house has heating pipes imbedded in it, all will be forgiven.

I found four new gay Boston bloggers last week and have already met one of them. Links to their blogs are on the left in the Boston Section. I first discovered Rising from the Ashes by phoenix316 (not to be confused with the New York City blog, From the Ashes by Tom Rico). I haven't had time to go back into the blog's history (which is only about a month old, apparently) but I like what I've read so far--a number of song lyrics developed from his life experience and blessedly free from the usual cliches.

From RftA I found Obsessive Convulsive by Bob in Jamaica Plain. JP is the next neighborhood north of Roslindale along the Jamaicaway, a section of the parkway that leads from the Back Bay and the Public Gardens all the way down to the terminus of "The Emerald Necklace" at Franklin Park. Bob has a dry wit, which always scores points with me, talks about food, anything that amuses him, and his really cute partner Jess. Obsessive Convulsive is three months old.

I don't remember how I found Evilganome but when I looked at his profile I was struck by his wide-ranging musical taste from jazz, country, and rock to opera. He reads E.F. Benson and historian Barbara Tuchman. There was a special mention of the treasurable Lucia Popp, a much-beloved Czech soprano who excelled everything from Mozart to the lighter heroines in Wagner and who died way, way too young. I left a comment, and by return email found out that Anthony works in the Math Department offices at—MIT!

So I stopped by his office today and instead of the rather austere and forbidding face on the profile, I met a ruggedly handsome guy with great tattoo blackwork on his arms, a pleasant, open manner and easy conversation that soon got around to opera . We seem to agree that there's a lunch in our immediate future. Evilganome is coming up on a year old this August. From a remark in one of his posts, I found Masspurgation, by Mike Mennono (not to be confused with Tom Menino, Mayor of Boston), who has a persona--and a very good looking persona it is--as The Naked Gardener.

Mike's garden plot is in the Fens, a green area between the Fenway Park neighborhood, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Conservatory of Music. The old Victory Gardens from WWII were so loved that the city's kept them going for local residents who wanted a plot of land to grow flowers and vegetables--or to get laid. Ever since I've been in Boston, the Fens has been one of the most active cruising areas for gay men, who live in the surrounding neighborhood in great numbers (see also Evan's blog, Life is Sweet in the Fenway). In the bad old days, it was also a very dangerous place, as gangs of homophobic thugs liked nothing better than to find a couple of men in the bushes and beat the crap out of them.

The worst incident I can remember over the years was the time several punks jumped two young men, dragged them in to their car, and drove down to the Arnold Arboretum. They pried open a manhole cover and, after beating the gay guys, dumped one of them into the manhole head first. Slamming his skull into the concrete bottom of what was a storm drain, he drowned immediately. They then threw the other man in. Injured, he nevertheless survived because his fall was broken by the body of his companion and his head never went below water level.

Fortunately, things are much safer these days. Mike rescued a neglected, overgrown plot and created the lovely urban oasis seen above. Evilganome also gardens in the Fens. The idea of community gardens spread from the Fens area throughout the city. Several mayors of Boston have overseen the development of thriving gardens on unused land that was hosting drug dealers and/or being used for dumping. Boston has its failings like any city, but at its best, it's a very livable, personal town.

Poor kitty! Not only do cats suffer magnificently, they always make certain they let you know about it.
Very cool, you meeting other bloggers in your area. I'm thinking of putting together a Portland bloggers pizza or taco deal...complete with drinks, of course.
Again, I'm struck by your 'humanity'. Thanks for the 'plug'. This is new territory for me and I'm trying harder (too hard! I guess!), to 'fit in', but am grateful you 'see through' all the veiled, and vain, attempts. BTW, you've a wonder-filled life. Keep on keepin' on!!!
i never cease to marvel how you do all you do; with all your doings you have time to meet yet more bloggers!
the gardens look lovely.
It's always fun reading getting caught up on your goings-on (although it does require rollerskates).
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