Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fritz and I are leaving Friday morning for a long weekend in the South. We fly into Atlanta and then rent a car to drive north into the mountains of southwest North Carolina. The town of Highlands is the scene of a big family (his) wedding. We'll be there through brunch on Sunday morning and then drive back down to Atlanta, check into our gay B&B and explore a city that will be brand new to me.

We'll also visit our friend JB who leads many of the Body Electric School events that Fritz hosts at his Center, and whose think pieces are featured on the site Gaytwogether. We get back late Monday night and I'll return to blogging next Tuesday.

The Purchase and Sale Agreement on my house was signed in my kitchen Wednesday afternoon. Present were my realtor and E, my purchaser. As E arrived early we fell into conversation, which isn't hard to do with him as he's bright as a new penny and very outgoing. My instincts were right about him: he asked where all my stuff had disappeared to, I mentioned storage room at my husband Fritz's place, he sighed and said "my first boyfriend was named Fritz." So from there we were off and running.

I've invited him over for dinner in a couple of weeks to orient him to the neighborhood and give him all the info he'll need about the neighbors, the possible places to install a second bathroom, etc. He was pleased to hear that the boys next door were looking forward to meeting him. He also told me how he loved the house and what I've done with it. I know you're not supposed to get involved in who buys your house, but I'm really delighted that it's E who'll take it over from me. This house means a great deal to me. I told him it was the the site of many happy events and a lot of love. He said I had to come down and see it when he'd done what he's got planned. It's all turning out quite well.

A lovely weekend to you all!

The trip to NC sounds lovely! We spent a week at a friend's cabin about 25 miles southeast of Asheville....just south of Black Mountain near Lake Lure. is that anyplace close to where you'll be? Happy travels.
Enjoy your trip to Highlands. I used to run the radio station there (104.5). It's kinda snoozy, so I don't recommend listening while driving.
The trip sounds wonderful. Sounds like the new homeowner is doing great with the house.
That's so cute! Have a fun trip, and I can't wait to hear how it goes!!
that's kind of you to give such an orienation.
you are a sweet soul.
Enjoy the trip. And good news on the P&S.
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