Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Ten astonishingly beautiful years

On May 23, 1997 I was at a gay men's tantric-erotic massage evening; at about 9:30pm I looked up and saw two clear French Blue eyes looking down and a big smile. We've been together ever since. Tonight Fritz and I will drive to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to a lovely restaurant we've just discovered called Radici and celebrate our tenth anniversary (and third as married men on May 23, 2004). The ten happiest, most productive and wondeful years of my life. Happy Anniversary, my love!

Congratulations and happy anniversary. I'll have to keep Radici in mind and give it a try next time I'm in New England visiting my dad.
congrats on your 10 year anniversary. Mine has been fifteen. Hope the house closing is going well also.
Best wishes.
Congrats to you boys! Our 10th is in December.....we're just behind you. Many happy returns.
indeed congratulations
I hope the tantric feelings go on.
Congratulations Will, and best wishes for the next ten!
Happy anniversary!

And enjoy!
Congratulations on such a milestone. Many many more years as you begin this new phase of your life
Congrats and all the best!

Congrats - so beautiful.
Happy Anniversary, Will. Hope you enjoy many many more.
Congratulations Will and Fritz!! I'm sorry my good wishes come to you a day late. I hope you both had a wonderful evening!
Congratulations, Will. And, here's to many, many more.
Felicidades Will and Fritz! May you have many more decades together. Your union is a testament that there are long-term happy gay couples out there. :)
Awww, Happy Anniversary!!!
I'm so happy for you two. I hope one day to be doing the same.
Sorry to be late to the party, but congratulations all the same! May you have many more wonderful years together!
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