Friday, March 30, 2007

A couple of things are catching up with me right now, nothing I can't handle but still they're stressful. And I'm aware that I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but this is my life right now. I'll work on developing a few new threads ASAP.

The lowering of the price on the house is depressing for a reason I can't quite put my finger on. Even at the new price, it's a higher amount than what I had originally thought it might go onto the market for. I think any disappointment about lowering the price is now joined and overshadowed by a concern that it just isn't going to sell in any reasonable period of time at all. We'll know more after this weekend when there will be another Open House to inaugurate the new asking price.

The other issue has consumed much more of our time than it should; it's the route of the conduit that will bring electricity, internet cable, TV cable and the phone line up to the house. For a variety of reasons, we opted to have a grid interface even though we're going to be producing a healthy amount of electricity with the photovoltaics up about seventy-five feet above the house on the hillside. Electricity we produce will be purchased by the power company and credited against that which we draw from the grid.

The problem is that right smack in the middle of the easiest and most direct route from the house to the two electric poles that sit on the road in front of my property is the sizable leech field for the septic system that serves Fritz's Center. It would take far too long to explain how all that happened, so please take it on faith and let's move on to other factors that are problematic, particularly the 18 foot high "
cliff" that these conduits will have to negotiate. So far we’ve explored solutions to the problem that included various combinations of electrical poles to bring lines into the property about 200 feet, safely up and over the rise where they'd then enter the underground conduit. But poles—big, ugly poles with their requirement of a 16 foot wide corridor cleared of all trees--were the last thing either of us wanted crossing either of our properties.

So yesterday morning Fritz and I were measuring the latest path that had been devised for the lengths of Schedule 80 3" and 2" PVC conduit pipes that would be needed to house the various cables. Two poles, coming into the properties about 200 feet would still be required. Then we went on an unsuccessful trip looking for doors at an architectural salvage place in Manchester, NH.

When I got back to MIT, Fritz called to say that the Public Service representative who was supposed to have met with us in the morning had finally arrived very shortly after I left; he devised another plan, this one without poles but with a different route and longer run of conduit that would be able to mount the “cliff” in a way acceptable to the cable pullers. So tomorrow I'll go back up and we'll measure this new route that we actually like a lot, then I'll go buy all the conduit required and arrange for delivery.

It's at times like these that not being resident with Fritz full time and on the scene is especially difficult, but we'll get through it, I'm sure.

Whenever I'm stressed like this the worst thing for me to be is alone. I'm a gregarious person and other people invariably draw me out of myself when I get stuck in a worry cycle. Last night Steve of Chaos blog was going come over, cook dinner for us and talk. First he had a meeting at the school where the son he has recently taken guardianship of is enrolled, and it went much later than he had estimated, so we did a quick bit of phone negotiation and decided to meet at Golden Temple in Brookline. Steve says it's the best Chinese cuisine in Boston with no MSG or other cheap ingredients. It also has remarkable interiors in terms of exposed structural design.

Two and a half hours have never flown by so fast. When I look at Steve's daily schedule, the amount he accomplishes and the drive with which he does it, I see a lot of myself when I was his age. We talked about that, talked candidly about each other and his voluntarily taking on parenthood, spent a lot of time laughing, had a very good dinner in the process (yes, Fritz, I DID have roast duck) and when we left at the end of the evening, I was a lot more relaxed about life in general. Thanks, Steve!

I'm glad that you found a way to relax. I think being around more people would relax me too, but I work so much. The only people I really get to be around are coworkers, but that does help some. Take care.

co workers are good too... gives u someone's head to hold under water!

didnt u know that s what handicap stalls are really for? wider areas for easier access to stuff your boss' head in the toilet?

I'm sorry so many things are causing you problems. Though it seems like that's par for the course with house buying and selling, and I imagine more so with house building.

Hmmm... never heard of Golden Temple. Sounds fun!
good to hear a solution for the conduit!

fingers crossed for the open house!
It is always something when you are moving house and all the rest. Our move from upstate NY to New Zealand was, shall we say, challenging! Hang in there. This too shall pass.
hang in there;
i have hope that things turn out OK for you all.
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