Friday, February 09, 2007

We opened last night to a little over half a house--actually very good for a Thursday opening at MIT. Audiences will grow steadily from now on as we're essentially a word-of-mouth campus as far as theater events go. I expect we'll be sold out for the last three performances next week and for tomorrow (Saturday) night as well. Tonight we should do really good business.

At seven this evening the director and I are going to do a half hour or so informal pre-show chat on the visual world of this production, my design process, etc in the theater. Depending on how many we get, we're anxious to have them walk up onto the stage and through the variuous component spaces that make up the stage environment.

I'm posting three pictures taken during the final dress rehearsal on Wednesday. Some more will come next week, particularly some full stage shots. The set is much more in the line of a museum installation than a conventional stage set.

The above shot comes from the end of scene one when the giant robotic cockroach that takes pictures to be projected simultaneously on screens scattered around the stage makes his first appearance. I designed him on the body of a radio-operated miniature army tank. Did I mention that I had a great deal of fun with this production?

This shot is one of the live action with
simultaneous projection moments in the play

An estate furniture guy came to the house this morning to look at all the furniture I’m getting rid of in preparation for the move up to the new house. None oif it is anything I’m deeply emotionally committed to. Fritz and I had inventoried all of the furniture and art in both our residences, and decided what would go, what we were keeping, and into which room of the new house all the good pieces would go. The guy who came this morning said he’d take everything and if I get a couple of hundred dollars for it, fine. The big thing is that he’ll remove it from the house and I won’t have to try to dispose of any of it through yard sales of charitable donation myself.

Before he left, he said there’s even a possibility he can get a crew to pick it up today(!) which would be fantastic. But if not today, next Friday. This whole transition in my life
is becoming more and more real by the day.

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The photos are interesting - don't know the play but the set design looks fascinating and quite full of intriguing objects - are you videotaping it for posterity?

That's great about the furniture - funny how quickly things move when we least expect them! Hope you have enough left until your move!
Congrats on the opening! Wishing you well during the show's run.
Getting rid of anything like a rocking chair? :) I've been searching for one that A) I can afford (ha!), and B) that fits me properly for when I'm hand sewing.
Like I said a couple of posts ago, you've got alot going on. Congrats on the opening and good luck!
Gorgeous colors on the scenery and costumes. Needs more MALE NUDITY though. :-) Break a leg!
Like the pics.

Good luck as the transition moves forward more and more.
The production looks very interesting!
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