Monday, January 22, 2007

Today, 140 Iraqi civilians were killed in the chaotic violence that is the result of Bush's War.

Today, White House Press secretary Tony Snow announced that already there are signs of the success of Bozo's "new wave" plan. Are we therefore to assume that one of Bozo's goals is the wholesale slaughter of the Iraqi people?

Today, three more Republican Senators threw their support behind the resolution to condemn the "Surge." Tomorrow's State of the Union Speech is going to be very interesting political theater.

Today Bozo's approval rating with the American public finally dropped below the 30% floor on which it has precariously balanced for so long and settled at a miserable 28%.

Yesterday afternoon there was a superb recital of French songs from the 19th and 20th centuries by Susan Graham at Jordan Hall. The tall (6'-1"), always elegant mezzo soprano had selected a program embracing 24 songs by 22 French composers, the songs picked specifically to highlight the variety and range of French vocal writing.

The lady has the chops, having been named Commander of the Institute of Arts and Letters by the French government for her service to French music. She was in full, warm, soaring voice as she both acted and sang stories as diverse as a that of medieval noblewoman waiting in progressively greater and greater dread for a husband lost to war who will never come home; an English mouse who stows away on a ship to France, takes over the attic of an inn and laughs at all attempts to lure her into traps with brie, camembert and swiss cheeses--until the innkeeper places Cheshire Cheese in a trap et fini!; and the mini-drama of a financially desperate, aging widow who takes to the roulette wheel at Monte Carlo, is thrown out when her little secret strategy is discovered, and ends the evening going head first off the pier into the Mediterranean.

After the generous two hour program showcasing (in order) Bizet, Franck, Fauré, Lalo, Gounod, Saint-Saëns, Chabrier, Paladilhe, Debussy, Chausson, Bachelet, Duparc, Ravel, Caplet, Roussel, Messiaen, Hahn, Satie, Honneger, Sauguet, Rosenthal and Poulenc, Ms Graham ended the afternoon with the witty Noel Coward song "There's always something fishy about the French." The audience went nuts.

This morning there was a meeting up at Fritz's Center and on the building site. Participants were my right hand who's preparing the construction drawings and many other details, the [very cute] field representative from Public Service of New Hampshire—the power company, and the designer of the all-important septic system, a perfect, bearded junior bear with heavy curved barbell earrings in both ears. When you're not only the prospective home owner but also a gay man, you just naturally notice these things about the men who are doing the work for you. Large amounts were accomplished.

As promised, here is the first picture taken by the Wildview camera. The house site is on top of the little rise that fills the left and center portions of the frame. Look carefully at the stacked logs at the feet of the two birch trees on the left, and you'll see the little reddish-brown fox that triggered the picture. (Click all pictures to get a larger image that's easier to read)

With the invaluable help of our administrative assistant at work, I was able to get the house drawings put out as jpegs and here they are:

The heavily glazed South Façade of the house. All materials are to be either completely natural, with rock taken from the hillside or, in the case of the roof shingles, of a color to match the golden tan color of the woods floor. The photovoltaic arrays will be mounted on a rack about seventy five feet further uphill behind the left corner of the house.

The First Floor. The generously sized Great Room (18' x 24') will rise up through the trusses to a cathedral ceiling. Our Master Suite consists of the bedroom itself; a closet/exercise room that will contain a stationery bicycle, weight bench, possibly a treadmill, and a massage table; our bathroom; a sauna and small shower "room" that will accommodate four to six men.

Behind the Great Room is the Kitchen, the Utility or Mechanical Room, and a small room for a deep freeze, washer and dryer.

The Second Floor will have its own exterior entrance via a small bridge to the hillside behind the house, a large office/studio, and a guest bedroom with its own bathroom.

This house is going to be amazing... Is it too soon to beg an invitation?
Hey, after you finish inviting Alan, send me one too. I say, let's have a huge blogger get-together there. It looks amazing. And wonderful...and beautiful. The concert sounds very cool. Wish I'd been there with you.
how exciting to have a house made to your designs and ideas!
I expect a full analysis on the current president's speech as i won't be listening; I can't stand the voice!
You and I must have the same ideas on the perfect home.
The design of the house fits your personality (as read thru the blog). I LOVE it - what a wonderful design! (but where is your storage - is there a basement?)

I agree about tonight - it will make for very interesting watching - btw I added the BUSH Clock after seeing it here.

That Graham recital sounds like a DREAM - what a performer - what a great list of composers what a treat that must have been!

Your house: I wish I could be as generous as the other people who have commented on the plans for your new house. With me, the plans inspire principally envy, which, I seem to recall, is one of the seven deadly sins. Sorry, can't help it. The devil made me do it!

It really will be beautiful, Will.

Susan Graham: She also does quite well with baroque opera. In my recording of Händel's Alcina she holds her own quite well against more seasoned veterans of baroque opera (Fleming and Dessay).

Bozo: Is it really futile to think impeachment?
Alan--I already sent an email, but you will definitely be on the list.

Lewis--we hear so much about how great Portland is and the thriving gay community--next time we're in the Northwest it would be great to visit.

Spo--I can't either but I loathe the little SOB too much to not be on top of what he's up to. And besides, the atmosphere at THIS SOTU speech is going to be radically differnet from all the others. It should be interesting watching.

Scott--you mean there are TWO brilliant gay men who really know how to live well with their husbands out there? :-) I'm not surprised from reading your blog.

Southern Gal--that big main roof is all storage attic (steps fold down from the office/studio ceiling). There's also a storage space under the roof over the Master Suite that is accessed from a door under the windows at the top of the stairs.
Bruce--having experienced and enjoyed several of the Seven Deadlies, I'm prepared to state categorically that they've suffered unjustly from a bad, biased press.
Holy shit, Will!

That house is amazing. The way you described it to me over lunches and such made me picture it more like some subterranean earth dwelling. I was thinking it would be much smaller and less, well, fabulous!

I'm so impressed! I can't wait for it to break ground, get constructed...and start visiting! hehe

I'm so happy for you!
As others have mentioned, the house looks beautiful. What really strikes me is the site. The design seems very well matched to it. The image from the critter cam was a lot of fun.
Wow, Will! I love the photo of the site, and the house looks fabulous. Congratulations... it looks like it's starting to come together.
Oh, it's gorgeous! A green and golden sanctuary in the woods. I couldn't conceive of anything better, or more beautiful.
Wow! What a dreamhome! Are you moving to New Hampshire? Six of my seven brothers and sisters and all my nieces and nephews live up in New Hampshire. That woodsy photo reminds me of the view from my sister's house. I keep saying someday I'll be back in New England...your plans make me want to go back sooner than later.
I just had to come back for a more detailed look at your plans.

Would you and Fritz like to adopt me?

ohhh-I like the bookshelves lining the wall of the stairwell. With the windows and ( I assume French) door to the bridge , the space will be flooded with light. I can imagine sitting on the stairs and reading a book.
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