Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Does anyone remember the sitcom "Mad About You" with Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt? It was a witty and sophisticated comedy of love amid urban (New York) culture and a favorite of Fritz's and mine. In one episode Paul and Jamie go through a Sunday in which nothing of any import actually happens except that they're together to experience whatever life offers them. In a way, this script foreshadowed what was to become the Seinfeld formula.

In any event, at the end of the day as Jamie is beginning dinner she turns to Paul and with quiet affection in her voice says, "Thank you for a perfect day." Paul has no particular idea what he may or may not have done to create or facilitate the perfection of the day but he's happy to take his compliments where he finds them. Last Sunday was that perfect day for Fritz and me.

I drove up to his place from Boston after an exhaustively complete concert performance of Handel's great opera "Ariodante" given by Emmanuel Music. Emmanuel opted to play every note of the score, including both the ballet and masque sequences that are rarely if ever done even in staged performances, let alone concert ones. I pulled into Fritz's drive on Sunday morning and slipped into bed with him somewhat after Midnight.

We woke before seven, cuddled a long while and had sex. He went up to the Center to make coffee for the group renting the facility for the weekend and later we had breakfast and watched Charles Osgood's show that included a nice piece on the welcome return of Bob Seger to performing after a lengthy absence to be a full-time father.

We did some planning for our trip to western North Carolina via Atlanta for a family (his) wedding in June, including ordering the airline tickets and rental car on line. We retrieved the Wildview camera, but it hadnt caught any new wildlife roaming the property, and we reset it on another tree in a different location. There haven't been any new deer or moose tracks lately, so perhaps the bigger animals have retreated deeper into the woods for the winter. We had a light lunch, unloaded my Jeep of a load of books and vinyl records from the studio at my house in Boston (more "thinning out" to get the house ready to sell in March), took a short nap, had sex--part deux, and a lovely afternoon tea.

At 5pm, we drove to Portsmouth, a beautifully preserved largely eighteenth century maritime city. The purpose was to see the movie "The Queen" at 7:30 in the progressively restored Music Hall. We had time to explore a contemporary art gallery that had been a fixture on Congress Street for years but somehow always escaped our notice, and a lighting and sculptural chandelier shop where a married man with his family in another part of the store made an unmistakable pass at us. Then dinner at one of our favorite places, Sake Japanese Restaurant where I ordered--surprise--the Ahiru or duck with scallions. We talked and laughed and treated ourselves to ice cream--he the ginger, I the red bean--for dessert.

We enjoyed "The Queen" immensely. All the buzz has been about Helen Mirren, and with the greatest of justification, but I was particularly impressed by the script, especially an incident where Elizabeth is able to mourn the death of a great stag shot by a tourist hunter in the midst of not being able to grieve or even sympathetically relate to the death of her former daughter-in-law, Diana.

When it ended, I drove Fritz back to his house, kissed him good-bye and headed back to Boston to begin painting the stage floor for our current production at 7:30 Monday morning. Just before I left we embraced and thanked each other for a perfect day.

MAY - a witty show, it was a favorite . Thanks for sharing your day with us.

It sounds lovely indeed..and after your move, you will have so many to look forward to together!
forgot this: THE QUEEN blew me away - i sobbed thru most of the second half of the film from the "stag encounter at the river" pretty much to the end. Helen Mirren deserves every award there is for that movie.
And Peter Morgan too.
You nervy buggers!
Driving right past us with nary a call or wave.
I mean, seriously!
I interprested that scene very differently as the Queen letting loose emotions that had built up into her and the stag being the final thing which allowed her to grieve.

She is a private person and kudos to her for listening to Tony Blair. The movie gave me a new found respect for Queen Elizabeth.
you have a marvelous life.
(Sniff) That sounds like one of the simple pleasures I'm not sure I ever remember having. It's nice to know those simple happy days can happen.
What a great day. And I have heard such great things about this movie from so many people. I HAVE to go check it out.
What a beautiful post. A perfect day, indeed ...and what's even more perfect is that you recognised it.

I love Helen Mirren and can't wait to see that movie.
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