Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Changes can mean progress but can frequently cause some problems. This morning I switched DesignerBlog to a new Blogger account. At first encounter, it seems easier to use and a lot faster. However I noticed one problem right away when I checked my existing comments--several of you whose names previously appeared at the top of your comments as a clickable link now show up simply as "anonymous"--Lewis, Elizabeth, Steve and Mike.

I can think of two reasons for this: 1) perhaps you have not yet switched to the new Blogger and your accounts are not recognized or, 2) that the old comments did not translate well, but perhaps when you post a comment under the new system your names WILL appear properly, which is what I hope will happen.

SO, if you comment and find you are listed as anonymous, PLEASE sign your comments in future with your name and your blog's name. I realize it'll be an annoyance but I can't tell you how much I'll appreciate knowing who you are and being able to communicate back with you.

An informal poll yesterday among my friends and colleagues revealed that none of them, not one, was going to watch the State of the Union Speech. In all cases the issue was failure to stomach some aspect of George W. Bush. I heard "I can't stand looking at him," "Listening to him makes me physically ill," "I hate his voice and what he says," etc. etc. One just spewed unvarnished hatred for about four minutes. I was the only one who planned to watch/listen (it turned into more of the latter as I worked at thinning out my LP record collection in preparation for the coming sale of the house and move) because I loathe him so much I'm unwilling to let him slip anything by me.

The thing that was most obvious about this SOTU in comparison to the previous six, concerned the striking lack of applause. I estimate there was less than half of what we heard erupt so loudly and so often in previous years as Republicans and even a few Democrats leapt to their feet in prolonged, sycophantic standing ovations. What a difference a year--and a catastrophic election for the Republican Party--has made. Bozo was subdued, and seemed almost contemplative. There was none of the usual empty, arrogant swagger, and the smirk seems to have been permanently decommissioned. There was a new and very different attitude for him: plaintive, as he appealed to the Congress to "give it a chance," it being his "new" Iraq policy. I frankly don't think it has much of a chance; Congress is close to overwhelming in its lack of support and the American people seem--finally!-- have given up on Bush almost completely.

I got a surprise when it was all over when Fritz called to talk about it. He avoids Bozo on TV like the plague and I was amazed that he went with the speech right through to the end. We compared notes (good job on recognizing Nancy Pelosi’s breakthrough as first female Speaker; very subdued manner in general; must realize his power is virtually gone).

Noting that this inept and pig-headed president has now sent more Americans to their deaths than Osama bin Laden did on 9/11/01, I wonder if we shouldn't send out troops to capture Bush since he's been completely incapable of capturing bin Laden and has created more widows, widowers and parentless children than bin Laden ever has.

And let's not forget the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children who have died and been maimed in this illegal, insane vanity war. These are ordinary people who are no more responsible for Saddam Hussein's actions than we are for George Bush's. They go off to work in the morning and return to destroyed homes and
find the pieces of their children's bodies; they send a husband or wife off to work or the market and never see them in any recognizable form again. All this, all the deaths, all the misery, the lack of respect to which he has subjected the United States in the international community, the vast outlay of money that's been siphoned off by graft, corruption and profiteering, the worsening of the situation in the entire near- and mid-east--all this will be the Bush legacy for decades to come.

ok here goes.
i did switch to the new blogger before when it was still beta. but they have been having lots of growing pains - i couldnt get in for most of today - i have created a new KAL (knitting along) blog and have subscriptions to several blogs on the new blogger but my subscriptions to blogs still not moved are wonky to say the least. This is one reason my blogs are on Typepad - i really dont mind paying for good service.

i too watched all of it - i applaud whomever wrote that speech - someone is finally getting the ear of W besides Cheney it seems from that speech especially the very gracious beginning tributes to Madame Speaker.

However the rest was pretty boring and I agree about the applause - however the silence after the temporary worker program proposal was as deafening as the rest of the applause.

anywho lets see if this shows up correctly. (it is identifying me correctly in the identity part of the comments).

here goes...
I too don't like to hear the current president's voice, but Someone had it on; he sounded like a democrat at the start anyway.
LOL at ur-spo's "He sounded like a democrat at the start anyway." I did not watch it, either. Had no interest. I see you switched to blogger beta. I think for the most part, it's a better service than old blogger. But I wouldn't know for sure! We were unable to switch Gay Men Rule to it, as the original founder of the blog would've needed to make that switch (and he's deceased). But I've heard better things about the newer version :)
Actually, Joshua, they claim it ISN'T beta any more but the next thing after. Whatever. It does seem to be easy to use and offer more options. But, when Blogger went down for a whole afternoon, access went down with it and it was just the same old unreliable Blogger all over again.
Yeah, I got fed up with blogger which is why i switched. Not that wordpress doesn't have it's issues (mainly with formatting options) but comments "is all good."
One just spewed unvarnished hatred for about four minutes.

This is most certainly understandable from anyone's perspective.

Perhaps that's why I had no idea it was that time.
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