Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's late Sunday night and I'm home from a full weekend (beginning Friday night) co-hosting with Fritz "Celebrating the Body Erotic," the basic first workshop program for gay men given by The Body Electric School. We had twenty-two guests this time, 17 participants and 5 old and dear friends in the presenting staff.

Twenty-two isn't a terribly difficult number to cook for, particularly since Fritz and I are old hands at it together now. We've had as many as 36--now THAT'S difficult, the clean-up most of all. The participants tended to be younger on average than many of our past groups, which means that somebody at Body Electric is marketing smartly in terms of keeping the business going healthily into the future.

There was one wonderful moment on Saturday night that Fritz and I caught sight of as we were getting the big dinner cleared. We make it special, with Fritz's old family candelabra out, the electric lights kept very low so that the long table is illuminated mainly by candles. He served his baked chicken in a rosemary sour cream sauce, along with salad, rice, mixed vegetables, homemade pickled homegrown cucumbers and a ricotta cake for dessert. When it was all over, we saw two of the boys standing in the coffee area, facing each other and listening to an ipod together. They shared one set of earpieces, the wire from which hung from their ears and connected them in a Y formation. They were absorbed not as much in the music as in each other. Moments like that are beyond price. By this morning it was obvious that a sweet romance was beginning.

During breaks between meals we picked the last of the raspberries. A deep frost is predicted for tonight. We removed some more of the cut tree trunks from the road leading to the new house site and did bits of maintenance here and there. We talked a lot, had tea, watched some television, played together and, when we slept, did so spooned tightly against each other. Those moments are beyond price, too.


Thanks to the Silent Songster at Secret Songs of Silence for alerting me to the fact that Keith Adams has returned to blogging. The Songster remembered that some time ago I wrote about a couple of early bloggers whose work had influenced my writing and, in fact, had actually inspired me to start my own blog.

Keith, an ex-patriot Brit with a dizzying array of skills and interests, closed down a big, many-faceted blog called Keithlife when he met a man who turned out to be THE man and moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles so they could be together. But the story was just beginning and he's back to tell it in a completely new format under the name Broken Whole at

Keith is a gifted, searingly honest writer, no more so than when writing about himself. He's also a strikingly good looking man with few inhibitions about showing the fact. He's looking for some readers and I'm delighted to help. If you didn't follow Keithlife, I recommend going all the way back in the archives of Broken Whole and starting from the beginning to get a foothold on where in his life he is now.

Will, thanks for your comments, and I added your site as a link on brokenwhole. Cheers, Keith
The menu sounds wonderful - the company as well. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.
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