Saturday, May 27, 2006

OK, you KNOW you're gay when you put on your roughest clothes to go out and do yard work, but you make sure to pick a brown belt that'll go with your old torn, earth-stained tan button fly work jeans.

Today was the day when I HAD to get onto my property and hack back the jungle that grew up during our recent monsoon. The grass was up to fifteen inches and weeds I'd never seen before were everywhere. I was careful because the grass was still wet from last evening's rain and I have an electric lawn mower. Fritz, bless him, was all concern about that when we talked on the phone this morning. But I kept electricity and water apart and lived to tell the tale. I also trimmed about half the forsythia hedge and planted petunias, marigolds, impatiens and begonias from nursery flats around the front of the house and in the deck planters. There's a lot more to do, but at least I made a dent in it.

Last week I discovered a new (six weeks old) blog called Gaytwogether that celebrates male couples. Old Romantic that I am, I like it a lot. The first thing I noticed was that the couple from Atlanta who run it hadn't received a single comment since the blog's inception.
When I tried to leave one, I had to register, which seemed easy enough except the comment service kept rejecting the registration codes it had itself sent me. But I persisted and for my pains got a friendly, welcoming note from one of the two bloggers, who immediately worked on fixing the problem.

Gaytwogether has photo files but isn't an xxx site. The pictures of men, singly or together, are all about male beauty and romance, although some of the couples shots have a nice eroticism about them (the two on the left were chosen at random from the photo files). Posts deal with the political situation for gay couples, recipes for dinners for two (which look quite good), gay travel, sports, relationships, health issues, entertainment, and adoption. There are ads on the site for gay-related products and services arranged in right and left side bars, with a broad strip down the center for the well-written posts.

Tomorrow I'm heading up to New Hampshire early in the morning for the last two days of the weekend. I'll stop in Cambridge to pick up M, our guest director for the recently finished term so he can have a last visit with Fritz and the boys before he flies back to Ireland on Thursday. Tomorrow night we have a Sweat Lodge and pot luck.

M's been delighted with the gay scene in Boston and with the community that gathers at Fritz's. On the west coast of Ireland where he lives and works, there's nothing remotely like what he’s encountered here and he’s been actively looking for teaching and/or directing work next academic year so he can return. A healthy, outgoing guy, he's done well socially. Professionally, he was a great breath of fresh air in our section at MIT, doing excellent work with the students and becoming particularly popular with us on the design/technical staff.

You have to wonder just how much brewed or distilled liquid refreshment--or just plain raw testosterone--it took to fuel this fight for predominance at the tool booth. Thanks to Andy Towle of the invaluable Towleroad for finding this.

I had a reasonably good time watching news coverage of Bozo and Tony Blair's news conference. It always puts me in a great mood when Bush gets humiliated or has to go kicking and screaming into admitting that he's made a[nother] mistake. But as amused as I was to hear him say he's learned that in future he needs to express himself in a "more sophisticated" manner, I have two major problems with his statement:

a) The use of "more" as a modifier to sophisticated presupposes that there was some sophistication in his earlier manner--and we know THAT'S not true;

b) Would the pig-headed little red neck even know what a sophisticated manner of expression was if he fell over one?

and compare him (if you dare) to Blair - whom I would vote for for US president in a second. Blair's speech at Georgetown Univ on Friday was PHENOMANOL. Try to find a copy of it. I was crying by the end.
Thanks for pointing me toward the Blair speech. I googled it and the URL for a complete text is below.
I'm pretty straight and I laughed out loud when I read the bit about the brown belt with dirty work clothes. Luckily I have a reversible belt so I only have to flip the buckle.
Thanks for the links and the giggle at the end.

So when are we evvvvvver going to get together again?
Dan--delighted you stopped by and I hope you'll do so again. I took a quick look at Puritan City and will be exploring more.

Chris--If nothing else, Fritz and I will be in Boston for Pride. I'm not sure whether we'll walk with a group this year or just hang out in the crowd. I'll be in touch.
LOL Will! Great post. You made me laugh out loud with the "accessorizing" for working out doors... and as for Bush... grrrrr just thinking about that idiot gets me spun up. I don't think I have ever known anyone who so PERFECTLY represents a constant "deer in the headlights" look. Sort of like he is waking up to a whole new world every 3 seconds or so.
I checked out Gaytwogether and was disturbed to find a posting called " GAY MARRIAGE CREATES NEW CONFLICTS FOR NEIGHBORS" identified as "Yahoo news" when in fact it is an opinion article by the conservative Maggie Gallagher who has distorted the facts of the Truro incident to support her opposition to gay marriage.
Who is behind Gaywogether?
James, I don't know if you'll check back on this, but I went to Gaytwogether and saw their clarification along with a lengthy explication of Ms Gallagher and her particular agenda. At least she doesn't express herself in the juvenile manner of the unbearable Ann Coulter, but that may be Gallagher's only virtue.

At the end, I found your comment and tried to reply, but the link led me to a dead end page. Thanks for being in touch and leaving the note here.
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