Thursday, November 24, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Family begins arriving here on a 10am plane from JFK in New York. Others come by car later. It's a small gathering but should be fun. It's traditional: Turkey, butternut squash, brussels sprouts, fruit salad, pies and ice cream. The appetizer, black bean and spiced pumpkin soup, will be the slightly exotic event. I'll bake a honey wheat bread with dried fruits and nuts. We'll have champagne. We'll realize all over again how ludicrously fortunate we were to have found each other.

There's a light dusting of snow--maybe a half inch--over everything. A White Thanksgiving. Not an iconic image but pleasant.

John Kander and Fred Ebb

We spent last night having a tres nouvelle fusion dinner at Perdix in the South End, the price made possible from a coupon provided by the main event, "Kiss of the Spider Woman" performed at Speakeasy Stage. Neither of us had seen the Kander and Ebb musical version and it turned out to be most enjoyable, full of good eye candy and nicely if not spectacularly performed. There was an amusing incident in the men's room before the performance began that I'll leave for the next post when I have more time.

My best for a happy day to all who read me here.

Happy Thanksgiving!
I was thinking of seeing the show...perhaps I should.

And I've heard great things about perdix...though, all ravers did say that it was REALLY expensive.

Happy Thanksgiving, Will!
Man, in all my years here, I rarely if ever have eaten in the South End. Weird. Just didn't happen much.
Hoping you had a great thanksgiving!
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