Tuesday, October 18, 2005


For Love of Ink

I haven't gotten any new tattoos in about five and a half years. [Fritz winces as he reads this, suspecting what's coming] For those of you who found DesignerBlog recently, the two accompanying shots will give an idea of the style, color and layout of some of my existing ink. There are three areas where I'm interested in getting some new work.

On my lower back, below the da Vinci with words by Shakespeare via Hamlet, I want to get a small tribal inverted triangle design to echo the big tribal "wings" above, thereby framing the da Vinci top and bottom. It would be a fairly small job but one I've wanted for some time.

The right bicep is pictured here but the left has an armband featuring a square cartouche with a Navajo double-headed snake in the center. I want to have a small cascade of triangles below that, almost like a geometric tassel. I realized soon after I got the band that something was missing and that it wanted to be expanded just a bit. There would also probably be a small "crown" on top of the box to finish off the composition. This would be a half hour job at most, very minor but graphically important.

I'm also thinking of getting a wrist band on my right forearm, more of a cuff, actually, a couple of inches above the wrist. I've seen a couple of these recently and like the look very much. As usual, I'll do my own design and art for anything that goes on my body.

I'm not sure how I'd find him but I'd very much like to locate one of the artists who did the bulk of my work. He was an artist in life (sand-blasted glass sculpture) as well as in the tattoo parlor. Since he was prominently mentioned on at least two tattoo shop sites, I think I can reveal his name--Mondo (for Armando) Gonzales. Working with Mondo was a genuine pleasure. He enjoyed the designs I brought him and my concept of designing the work for the contours of my body, not just slapping them on anywhere. I did ask him to design one piece for me--the big tribal wings across my upper back are his (the Navajo eagle in the center is mine). When I saw his sketch I liked it immediately; when the line transfer was made onto my back the only change I requested was for the long points to crest up and over my shoulders. He then spent some time drawing directly on my body until he'd gotten the exact curve and taper he wanted, holding me still tightly with one arm and drawing with the other, a process he repeated when doing the actual tattooing. And a very pleasant process it was with him wrapped around me that way.

I say go for it!
Cool tattoos.
I have four and I swear I'm not getting anymore but...they are addictive....
I swear someday I am going to get one. I say it all the time. The problem is, I always decide to do it, and then I never know what to get!
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