Monday, October 10, 2005

For anyone who's curious, I spent the last two days with Fritz in the company of 29 gay men who were naked for at least half the time. It was a great crowd, one of the nicest we've ever hosted from the Body Electric School. The men made a fine group, but were really interesting as individuals as well. The program ended last night in a tangle of hugging and kissing. We've invited several who live reasonably close by to the monthly Sweats and are hoping to see them again with some regularity.

For these weekends we set up one of the conference rooms with a specially painted floor cloth and a couple of tables. Other equipment is kept in storage for their semi-annual visits. They bring a lot of gear with them, all of it personalized to the region and the style of the local coordinators. We’re present on Friday evening to greet and assist the presenters as they set up, and the participants as they settle in for the weekend. The experience is deeper and more personal at Fritz's than at the majority of Body Electric sites as there's a residential facility here. Elsewhere guys have to take hotel rooms and fend for themselves at restaurants in between sessions. You can check out what the Body Electric does at

It's pretty intense for us on Saturdays because we cater breakfast, lunch (both buffet style, with a cooked main course for breakfast and a home-made soup du jour for lunch) and dinner, which is a leisurely, fancy candle-lit meal. Sunday’s a bit lighter for us with breakfast and lunch only, except for the fact that we take out all the special set-up and do a big clean-up after the program ends. But it's very rewarding for us, something we both believe in deeply and that we genuinely enjoy doing.

I'd mentioned in an earlier post that I wonder if we as a nation aren't seriously over-extended, with way too much on the plate and too many pressing issues yapping at our heels that aren't getting any attention.

This morning's news just made the issues clearer in my mind. The warnings on the probable spread of the bird (avian) flu are becoming more insistent along with dire warnings of probably high death rates here in the U.S. because--surprise--we aren't prepared with sufficient amounts of vaccine for a pandemic. Another unimaginably huge disaster has just hit Pakistan/Afghanistan (estimated 30,000 dead); we still have one major American city and part of our energy refining system in desperate need of reconstruction; we have no back-up plan for non fossil-fuel energy production (solar or wind or garbage-fired power plants); the situation in Iraq deteriorates by the day; our infastructure is in need of immediate attention; our health care system is in crisis with most Americans having insuficient or no coverage at all . . . it just goes on and on, not to mention the continuing national disgrace of poverty among a shockingly large, and growing, amount of the population.

You might think that those in charge of running this country MIGHT just have a thought of paying more attention to gravely pressing matters at home rather than trying once again to interfere with the affairs of other nations via armed conflict, at enormous cost in lives, money and raped land. Just how self-centered, corrupt and/or plain stupid ARE these people?

The new Supreme Court nominee's confirmation process is going to be most interesting to watch. So far the Democrats are taking a low profile and letting Bush's own supporters derail her candidacy. "Crony" is the cry heard throughout the land, while Bozo smirks and tells us that if only we have faith in his choice we're going to see a "fantastic woman" on the bench. The morning he made that statement, his approval ratings fell lower than ever, the vast majority of Americans expressing their opinion in the latest poll that they don't have faith in the U.S. Government to run the country. Is he in touch with reality? Does he listen or pay attention to his own citizens at all? Does he give a damn about any of us?

The Democrats are being handed a golden opportunity to recapture Congress and the White House by the Republicans themselves--I'm praying they won't blow it as they so frequently do through intramural bickering and petty rivalries.

The Dems will screw it up. In fact I wrote a letter to Howard Dean today expressing that I hope the party does not squander this chance to rally the people behind them and restore faith in the government and democracy.

Avian flu is a timebomb waiting to go off. I work in immunology research and we have several talks about the subject. We're on the verge of a major pandemic.
The country is going to hell in a handbasket thanks to the republicans and the really scary thing is that half the country thinks that's just fine.

The people voting for republicans are voting against their own self-interest but they've been so blinded by the right's spin machine, they don't even realize it.

The barbarians are coming out of the hinterlands and Bush doesn't care - it really scares me. I don't see anything positive coming out of the next few years.
a weekend with naked men...sounds like my kind of fun.
as for politics, all I can say is...get the republicans off my planet.
The weekend sounds very entertaining - tangled hugging and kissing is also good. I agree with you that current events are sobering, to say the least - but I am cheered that the Republicans seem to be digging their own grave!
Cool about The Body Electric. Have you heard of Rad. Faeries. I think I asked you that before. I'll check the link to see if they do anything around here.

Also, I've discovered, or I should say, uncoverd, gay nude camping. It's so much more interesting and free and satisfying than most forms of gay socailizing.
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