Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Disappointment yesterday afternoon: Fritz's main doctor felt he could go home but the cardiologist said no. Due to salmonella's tendency to set up shop in various parts of the heart and attendant arteries, the cardiologist wanted to due a particular scope that involves going down through the esophagus and it could only be done this morning. So, he was in for another night and just called to say that the procedure went well, he's cleared for discharge today, and his heart is clear of infection.

So, if he feels up to the trip down in this howling nor'easter we're having today with soaking rains blown horizontally by gales up to 55 miles per hour, we'll get to the Boston Symphony Concert and otherwise celebrate his getting sprung from the hospital.

Tomorrow is my appearance at Archbishop Molloy High School--my old school--in the Briarwood section of Queens, New York City. I'll report on how I'm received as an openly gay alumnus when I get back.

Thanks for the update.

Boy you are dedicated arts fans to weather such weather!!
Glad Fritz is out of the hospital. I hope your appearance is fabulous.
Glad to hear that Fritz is out of the hospital! Good luck in NYC - should at the very least be interesting.
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