Monday, September 26, 2005


A nearly perfect weekend

Saturday was an ideal early autumn New England day. Clear, rich blue skies, pleasant temperatures and lovely breezes. I spent the bulk of the day outdoors, doing my end-of-growing-season yard work. Mowing, the last trimming of the forsythia hedge, clearing the dried day lily stalks and generally cleaning up. Aftenoon tea and reading on the deck. Perfect.

The day was capped by dinner with four fellow gay Boston Bloggers in Cambridge at the Border Cafe. This was a first attempt at seeing if there's a gay blogging community out there, and a most pleasant one it was. I'd met Karl and event organizer Bryan before, but this was my first contact with Keith and Jason. We gave Bryan minimal grief about arriving late for his own event and for the fact that the pink shirt everyone was supposed to recognize him by looked bright yellow in the street lights. There are about sixteen more area gay bloggers--I found the 16th just this afternoon--and we're hoping to attract more guys to the next gathering which Bryan suggests be a dim sum in Chinatown. After dinner I headed up to New Hampshire and slipped into bed with Fritz.

Sunday was a disappointment only as to weather--solidly cloudy all day. We did errands in the morning and then occupied ourselves with part of the bumper crop of raspberries Fritz has been bringing in on an almost daily basis. He made preserves and I made raspberry sorbet. The flavor of both was intense--my favorite berries captured at their freshest. We took time out for some good sex in the afternon and then got ready for this month's Sweat gathering.

We were fourteen men all together. Despite the concern here over West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis, recent cool nights had just about eliminated all the mosquitoes and we had no concern about undressing and standing around the fire until the soapstones were red and glowing translucently. After some introductory chanting, talk in the sweat lodge turned political. Our Catholic priest friend is going through a very bad time, as you can imagine, with the start of the current witch hunt for gay men. He alternated between needing to vent and a desire not to think about things any more than necessary. We were happy to note that the big anti-Iraq War protest in D.C. had drawn 100,000 while the counter demonstration in favor of Bush consisted of maybe 5000. The usual pot luck supper ended the Sweat and the day in high spirits.

At MIT, today was totally given over to work on LEOCADIA, the fall production. The pictures show the color sketch for the Duchess's salon along with paint swatches and a picture of the classical statue of a Roman matron that's part of the set dressing. The other photo shows a model of the bicycle-driven ice cream cart that's required for one of the outdoor park scenes. I'm having a lot of fun with this one--not too many directors these days want to put plays in the proper period and this is a "pretty" show into the bargain.

It was a pleasure to meet you as well, my dear. And I would never get in a sling without at least a few cocktails first! What kind of girl do you think I am?
This Sweat meeting sounds so tribal...and so relaxing. Reminds me of going to banya when I lived in Russia.
Whatever else it is, Sean, it IS tribal and it's very centering and healing. Combining it with a meal for which each man brings a component completes the experience. They're once a month and I really look forward to them.
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