Friday, September 23, 2005

I got back to my stationary bicycle and weight bench after the Labor Day weekend and found today that my weight's down between three and four pounds. Of course, I've also been eating carefully as well, but it feels really good to be exercising again. I was away from my two very modest machines during our July vacation and when we got back, it was hot and I'd lost the routine. I like the feeling that my body's tightening up again and it was a big help this week in particular, because there was a lot of heavy lifting to do at MIT.

My younger daughter emailed yesterday, asking if she could call so I could help with one of her crossword puzzles. She lives in New York City and we've developed some nice rituals to keep in touch. Lunch or dinner when I go down to the City for the opera; the same here on those occasions when she's up here on business. And crosswords. She likes New York Magazine's puzzles which suits me just fine. I always liked Maura Jacobson's crosswords--a good challenge so as to be interesting, but not so difficult as to kill the fun of doing one at a single sitting.

So we get on the phone and bat words back and forth and gossip about our men. Well, hers actually because I've got my man and she's still in the dating pool. She was set up on a blind date recently by a guy friend, and the date unexpectedly turned out to be a rabid Bush fan. His opening gambit was to tell her that George Bush is working ceaselessly for the betterment of the world. The evening, she told me, ended early, badly, and with him informing her that he expected her to pay for her own dinner. I said I hope she walked out and left him with the check, but she said she paid willingly, not wanting to be obligated to him on any level. Her guy friend has apologized profusely.

She works for a major communications company recruiting top professionals for its publishing arm and she's really good at it. She puts herself out to the public with a real chic and writes beautifully. Having a designer for a father can't have hurt, but her sense of style is her own and was evident at a young age. When she was around nine or ten, I stopped buying clothes for her and started taking her to the kind of thrift shops to which we're both addicted so she could put together her own looks. Her color sense was perfect and she always knew what looked best on her increasingly willowy and lithe frame.

Tomorrow evening, I'll be at the first gathering of gay Boston bloggers at the Border Cafe, a raucous, fun Tex-Mex restaurant in Harvard Square noted for its margeritas and good food. While I think there are at least twenty of us in the area (not counting boyfriends and husbands), it looks like we might be only six at dinner, a small event compared to the big (apparently quite naughty this year) New York City bashes that inspired it. But I think we'll have a great time and with luck more guys will be able to join us in future.

The massive traffic jam evacuating the Texas coast
Among the fallout from these hurricanes, it seems obvious that evacuating our cities in times of crisis is not possible without massive problems. The hundred-mile back-ups and cars running out of gas along the roads in Texas was a nightmare, not to speak of the deaths both along the roadside and in the bus of elderly patients thet blew up. One of our local papers reported today that Bosto's evacuation plans are as good as useless. Although Boston's Mayor Menino immediately protested, this isn't news. Anyone who's tried to get out of Boston on an autumn leaf peeping or winter ski weekend knows that the roads in and out of the city are wholly inadequate. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is total chaos all up and down the Northeast Corridor. The infrastructure isn't in great shape either along lengthy stretches of our highways, the bridges in particular.

I have a strong feeling that this country is heavily overextended what with the enormous expense of Iraq and the prospect of another two decades of weather patterns favoring these monster storms. Fritz told me a couple of years ago that he looked on the Bush administration as marking the beginning of the end of the United States' international power and influence and I agree. I don't see how, bankrupted as we are financially (and morally before world opinion), we can maintain our superpower status and take care of overwhelming problems at home that have been scandalously neglected or actively worsened by Bush, all at the same time. It saddens--and angers--me that my daughters will live in a time of decreased quality of life, degraded national security, and deteriorating infastructure and economy. This is not what all of us have worked for so hard and for so long.

Wow, I oculdn't agree with you more about Bush. Intersting thought about morality too. Our Puritanical nation was "morally outraged" at Clinton because he got a blow job! (while the rest of the world was nonplussed) I find it infinitly sad so many people have no moral outrage at the needless death and suffering of others. No one died when Clinton lied! It's also intersting to me the more we as a nation are steered toward Christian family values,and listening to Bush's inane rhetoric about Intelligent design, the rest of the world looks at us as a morally bankrupt society. What a paradox.
I absolutely agree with your and Fritz's assessment of Bush's effect on the role of the United States in the world. The prospect of our not being able to cope with our domestic problems is worrisome, to say the least.

On the other hand, the Boston blogger event sounds like great fun!
quick stop in san francisco after my trip stop brazil..when I have regular internet access in about a week in Salvador I look forward to catching up on your blog...abra├žo (hug) Michael/sangroncito
One time a guy asked me out and, as we were ordering, told the waitress specifically he wanted separate checks. I was pissed. If I asked him out, I would have expected to pay. If he asked me out, then he is expected to pay. Luckily, I had enough on my CC to pay for it.

I'd say never again, but I don't have to worry, being in my current relationship for over 3 years now.

I guess those high dollar tax cuts the Bush regime handed out to corporations and higher-income families didn't apply to him.

Congrats to your daughter for not "obligating" herself in some form to a bigot.
Will, you should definitely plan on getting down for GB:NYC3. It will only get naughtier, I promise.
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